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JLo hosts 'Olympics' of dance.

Jennifer Lopez has come a really long way since she began her show biz career as a hoofer on her early TV outings three decades ago, on shows like 'In Living Color.'

She was only a faceless part of the chorus line then, unlike the similarly young Jim Carrey, who was already stardom-bound as a frisky, feisty comedian. But, she was such an ambitious dreamer and doer that she caught up really fast, until she became the big multimedia superstar she is today.

Paying passionate tribute to her first and fiercest love, JLo has just launched her latest show, TLC's 'World of Dance,' a reality TV challenge with a cool million greenbacks up for grabs for its ferociously gifted finalists.

Everyone from soloists to groups is invited to compete and all styles are welcome, as long as the dances measure up to the new tilt's high standards.

Since it's the chance and break of a lifetime, both unknowns and already recognizable acts compete on each week's show, with a score of at least 80 percent as the cut-off point for moving up to the next round. Aside from JLo, Ne-Yo and Derek Hough act as judge-mentors.

We caught the first telecast last May 31 on TLC-and it was a winner all the way! Not only were most of the dance acts featured exceptionally strong and creative, but the judges gave the proceedings an inspiring start by wearing their hearts on their sleeves and sharing what dancing has meant to them since childhood.

It was a sentiment best exemplified by the week's youngest contestant, soloist Diana Pombo, whose precious gift at dance and terpsichore blew everyone away. How could anybody so young be so good?

Diana Pombo

Diana Pombo

Well, Diana wasn't alone: Ballroom dance duo D'Angelo and Amanda were similarly, ferociously great as they set the dance floor ablaze with their 'impossible' routine.

Other standouts on the show's premiere telecast were paced by the Les Twins duo from France, whose complete synchronicity was amazing to behold, and got the highest score of 90-plus that night.

As they performed, the audience focused fully on the subtle intricacies of their number's choreography, which avoided the big, brash trickery of the other acts.

Another artful standout was the husband-wife pair of Keone and Mari, which also focused on details and subtlety, lifting their 'loving' act to the heights of artistry.

All that, in just the tilt's first round?! If the judges keep their standards high, the daunting and inspiring show could fulfill its self-actualizing goal of becoming the Olympics of Dance, with only the best of the best of the dance world shining through!

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Publication:Philippines Daily Inquirer (Makati City, Philippines)
Date:Jun 6, 2017
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