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JIS CD Duplicating Systems Announces Support for CD-R55S CD Recorder.

HAYWARD, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 22, 1997--Jukebox Information Systems today announced that Release 3 of its JIS Encore! line of CD Duplicating Systems now supports the TEAC CD-R55S CD recorder. JIS Encore! is a standalone CD copier with up to 7 built-in CD recorders, controller and software. Users can copy up to 21 CDs per hour without a PC. Major features in Release 3, which include support for the TEAC CD-R55S CD recorder, are 1) Disk At Once Copy, 2) Direct CD-to-CD Copy, and 3) Upgrades via CD.

The JIS Encore! CD Duplicating System is the preferred choice by many OEMs, VARs, and integrators because of its rich features set and ease of installation. Current customers include Trace Products Inc., Copy Pro, MTC America (a division of Mitsui Toatsu Chemicals, Inc.), Champion Duplicators, and Flore Storage. More OEM agreements will be announced shortly.

Disk At Once Copy allows customers to duplicate almost any audio CD, including live performances without any gaps between songs. Direct CD-to-CD Copy lets users start the duplication process without having to first copy the data to a hard disk, enabling them to make a CD in half the normal time.

The Direct CD-to-CD Copy feature lets the copy function start immediately after a CD-ROM reader starts reading the CD. In previous versions, the original CD's contents had to be read in its entirety into a hard disk before any duplication could start. While useful for volume CD duplications, it meant users had to wait a few minutes for all the CD's contents to be read, thus lengthening the copy process.

"A key part of our strategy is to support a wide variety of CD recorders," said Arnie Lapinig, President of Jukebox Information Systems. "The TEAC CD-R55S is one of the most popular models and we made it a priority." The JIS Encore! currently supports the Yamaha CDR100, CDR400c, and CDR400t CD recorders.

The JIS Encore! System that supports TEAC CD-R55S recorders will be available worldwide on November 1, 1997 and will be sold through OEMs, Value Added Resellers, and Distributors at prices ranging from $1,299 to $11,999, depending on the configuration. Configurations are a combination of CD Recorders, Hard Drives, and CD-ROM Readers.

Jukebox Information Systems is a leader in providing information appliances that make it easy to store data on CD. The company makes CD duplicating devices, embedded file server controllers, and high-performance jukebox controllers primarily for OEMs and VARs. The company was founded by Yati Sahae, founder of Trantor Systems, which is now a part of Adaptec, Inc. Jukebox Information Systems is headquartered at 31119 San Benito Street, Hayward, CA 94544. The company can be reached at (510) 441-8125 or (510) 441-2214 FAX. Its web site is .

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CONTACT: Jukebox Information Systems

Arnie Lapinig, 510/441-8125

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Date:Oct 22, 1997
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