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JIM DAVIDSON EXPOSED: MY HELL MARRIED TO CRUEL TV COMEDIAN: People need to know truth.. Jim's a violent, unhinged, dangerous monster who threw me downstairs and beat me black & blue.


ENTERTAINER Jim Davidson is exposed today as a violent, unhinged wife-beater by his ex-wife Alison Holloway.

In a searing interview with the Sunday People, Alison tore aside the TV star's fun-loving and charitable image to reveal how he:

BEAT her regularly, leaving her black and blue and bloodstained.

KICKED her down a flight of stairs in a drunken rage.

SMASHED up their flat while wearing full Army combat uniform.

SLAMMED a weight-lifting bar- bell into her ribs.

THREW her out of their car miles from home.

Alison, 40, speaking for the first time about her disastrous six-month marriage, revealed: "Jim Davidson is a violent, unpredictable and dangerous man.

"His behaviour is so unhinged I was terrified of him most of the time. He could change from Prince Charming to being a monster in an instant."

Alison spoke out in fury after Davidson last month published his autobiography and did a round of high-profile interviews portraying himself as a likeable buffoon who was a victim in love.

She's also amazed that, to millions of fans, the BBC1 Generation Game host is a popular wise-cracking figure who was awarded the OBE last year for his charity work. Davidson, 47, entertains British troops abroad, fund-raises for the Conservative Party, has mixed with top Tories like Margaret Thatcher and is a friend of Prince Charles.

But Alison, now a TV star herself in Hollywood, said: "People need to know the truth about Jim.

"He tells half truths and lies and he completely ruined my life. It was like living with Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde."

Alison, now happily re-married and living in a posh suburb of Los Angeles, is particularly livid at Davidson's claims that SHE was to blame for their marriage breakdown in 1987.

She said: "I will never forget the night he threw me down the stairs.

"He was working at a club near Wentworth, Surrey, and ordered me to join him one night at his hotel suite. I drove down from our flat in Bristol but when I arrived the room was in darkness except for the TV screen.

"Jim was transfixed watching himself in a movie. I quickly realised he had been drinking heavily as he ordered me to sit beside him on the bed. He shouted 'You've got to see me, I should be doing more of these'. I had to tell him how fantastic he was over and over again but it wasn't enough because he suddenly turned on me for no reason.

"His voice got louder and louder and more menacing until he started ranting at me.

"He was blind-drunk at this stage. As the film ended he grabbed me roughly and started dragging me out of the suite.

"I was screaming and begging him to let me go but he was like a man possessed. He was incoherent and not making any sense.

"The next thing he lashed out with his foot kicking me full force down a flight of stairs. I fell down half a dozen steps and landed in a heap, dazed, crying and shaking.

"I swear I had done nothing to provoke him. It was like the demons had just kicked in and some other force had taken over.

"He marched back into the rooms and crashed out on the bed while I gingerly crept back in like a frightened rabbit and slipped into bed and quietly sobbed myself to sleep." The appalling incident was in complete contrast to Davidson's behaviour when he was wooing Alison.

They met when she was a TV reporter based in Bristol and she interviewed "Nick Nick".

The star, already twice married, bombarded her with flowers and love notes and was always charming, polite and humble.

But Alison says that as soon as they married the abuse started.

She revealed: "One of his favourite ways of man-handling me was to get me in a vice-like grip by grabbing both my shoulders and yelling in my face."Another one was to yank me by my arm or grab my hair.

"Once I was bringing in a Sunday roast for him and found him standing rigidly to attention, dressed in full Army gear with big boots and a beret, saluting the TV.

"There were tears running down his cheeks and he appeared to be in some sort of trance. He was watching some programme about the Falklands war and he was clearly the worse for wear. I didn't say anything and placed his food in front of him,

"He sat down, swept everything on to the floor, picked up the glass coffee table and hurled it with a blood-curdling wail at our glass side-cabinet packed with china. He looked at me with such a chill in his eyes that I just ran out of the flat and I didn't stop until I got to my girlfriend's place half a mile away.

"God knows what would have happened if I had hung around. The monster was out of control."

Three more violent incidents then left Alison nursing black eyes and bruised ribs.

She got home from work one day to find Davidson frantically exercising with weights.

He told her he was doing it to look like her former boyfriend whom she had left to set up home with Davidson.

Alison says: "I replied 'Please don't do it for that reason' but he just lost it. The yelling and screaming all came at once and he hurled a metal bar-bell weight at me which smashed into my ribs.

"The pain shot though my body and I doubled up gasping for breath. I was in agony for several days afterwards but all he could say was I should have got out of the way. He was such a brute and so callous. Sorry was not in his vocabulary."

Another time Davidson went berserk outside their flat because she was slow getting into their car.

She says: "We started arguing and then he dragged me out by my hair, ripping my shirt and either punching me or elbowing me in the face.

"My shirt was covered in blood and he drove off and left me crying on my doorstep. I felt so humiliated but there were so many incidents like it. On another occasion I ended up with a black eye because he threw some car keys at me at point-blank range when we were arguing about who should drive the car.

"I was lucky he didn't blind me because the ignition key caught me full on.

"He later claimed it was an accident but we were only standing a few feet apart either side of the car and my face was the only part of my body he could hit.

"It left the side of my face black and puffy and I had to have a huge amount of make-up on to read the news bulletins over the next few days."

The warring couple got hitched in front of cheering crowds in February 1987 as Davidson played a starring role in Cinderella in Bristol.

But when the panto finished two months later alcoholic Davidson grew restless.

Alison said: "He started coming into the studios blind-drunk telling everyone I had to quit and live in London with him.

"He just couldn't take it that I had a career as well. I got another black eye when he caught me with a punch during a row in our bedroom.

"I think he was fed up waiting for me to come home all the time while he sat around doing nothing or going to the pub. I know the date was April 7 because I made a note in my diary - 'Black Eye night'. After a screaming row there was a lot of pushing and shoving and in the heat of the moment he swung at me and caught me just below the right eye. It hurt like hell but he started moaning he had hurt his hand.

"Looking back it is easy to say I should have got out right away and left him. I was warned about him enough times by everyone.

"But in the early days I was flattered by the attention he paid me. I thought he was this lost and lonely guy who was misunderstood and who everyone was saying bad things about.

"He pulled the wool over my eyes, he was just playing a role until he had had enough and it no longer suited him."

And when Alison DID move to London, Davidson's brutal temper did not improve.

She says: "We were driving through Fulham around 2am and he screeched to a halt, ran around to my side and pulled me out of the car, cursing and swearing.

"I had no money, no credit card, no coat and walked to a friend's house in Hammersmith crying my eyes out which took me two-and-a-half hours."

Alison adds: "How I fell for him hook line and sinker I will never know. He told me time after time that I had beauty and brains and I was the woman he had always been searching for.

"But when he won me over he never showed me any affection at all. I was never to see the Jim Davidson I had fallen in love with ever again."



ABUSIVE: Davidson was unpredictable; DIARY: Black eye recorded; THIRD WIFE: Alison on couple's wedding day
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