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JIG BROTHER; I'm not doing any more reality TV.. unless it's Strictly says Big Bro Brian.


ULTIMATE Big Brother winner Brian Dowling has revealed he'd love to get jiggy on Strictly Come Dancing.

The Kildare-born star said he has a few moves up his sleeve that would stun the judges on the show - but admitted it's the only reality programme he would do again.

Brian, 32, added: "I'm really happy I went on Big Brother but I'm done with reality TV for now. But I have to say I would go on Strictly Come Dancing if I got the chance.

"I'm no good at dancing but I think I would learn a lot from it. I love doing things I get something out of.

"When I did Celebrity Salon I learned a lot and it was really worthwhile."

After Brian's recent triumph on the Ultimate Big Brother show, the former trolley dolly is determined to keep hold of his prestigious title.

He said: "Honestly I didn't think I'd win the show. What are the chances? "They gave me a plaque when I won and I have it hanging up in my living room. I'm never giving it up, I want to be always known as the Ultimate Big Brother winner." Although he is one of the most recognisable faces on TV, Brian said he understands the fleeting nature of fame and he's made sure he keeps his feet firmly on the ground.

He added: "I'm really just a normal person and people can see I haven't changed at all. I am still the same person that went into the Big Brother house in 2001."

And Brian said he would be no good on the likes of I'm A Celebrity as people like watching him doing nothing.

He added: "I'm only good at sitting in a house doing absolutely nothing.

"I have never won a show were I have had something to do, take Celebrity Salon and Celebrity Bainisteoir as examples.

"Nikki had a great story, she spoke about her anorexia.

"After she opened up about that I was sure she was going to win.

"And I also thought I'd already had my chance, I'd already won.

I really didn't think I would win for a second time."

Brian said he made sure to make mental notes about what being in the Big Brother house was like. And he confessed to snogging Davina McCall when he left. He added: "The last time I left I didn't remember it so this time I wanted to make sure I remembered everything. Me and Davina had a bit of a kiss when I came out."

Brian said there have been rumours of a move to Channel Five for Big Brother but he said there will never be an Irish version as it wouldn't go down well with TV chiefs here.

He added: "They won't put risque people on the TV here. They like to play safe."

Brian's next adventure will be on December 20 when he takes to the stage for the Beauty And The Beast panto in the Tivoli Theatre.

He said: "I can't wait, I'm really looking forward to it as it's always so much fun."

And it was in panto that he made one of his very best friends - model Pippa O'Connor.

At the minute Brian is gearing up for Pippa's wedding to Brian Ormond in June.

He said: "Me and Pippa went wedding dress shopping, she's such a great friend. She has asked me to be an usher at her wedding. I said yes before I won the Ultimate Big Brother and now I joke about how much I will get paid."


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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 5, 2010
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