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JFT-2M tokamak summarized.

As part of the tokamak special issue series, the American Nuclear Society journal, Fusion Science and Technology (FS&T), edited by Nermin Uckan, has published a special issue (February 2006) devoted to a set of papers describing the tokamak physics and technology research activities in the JFT-2M Tokamak, located at Japan Atomic Energy Agency (formerly JAERI), Naka, Japan. Yoshinori Kusama is Guest Editor for the issue.

The JFT-2M tokamak (an upgrade of the JFT-2 device) was in operation during the period from April 1983 to March 2004. JFT-2M is a medium-sized, non-circular cross section tokamak with a divertor. During the 21 years of operation, the JFT-2M has carried out a number of innovative research techniques and technologies that were found to be important for next generation tokamaks. Some of these research that are included in this special issue are: advanced material tokamak experiments (AMTEX) for the development of reactor material as well as toroidal field ripple reduction, control technologies of magnetic fields for producing non-circular cross-section, confinement and electric field studies for H-mode improvements, compact toroid injection for plasma fueling, radio-frequency current drive and heating for long pulse operation and profile control, impurity reduction by closed divertor, and control technologies for divertor and boundary plasmas. The JFT-2M Team, along with many of its national and international members, collaborated on joint experiments to resolve a number of important issues in these areas related to large tokamaks and ITER. The breadth and depth of the JFT-2M research program is clearly evident in the articles contained in this issue.

For further information on obtaining access to this issue or other tokamak special issues (ASDEX-U, Dill-D, FTU, JT-60, TEXTOR), contact Nermin Uckan ( or visit the journal web site at
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Publication:Fusion Power Report
Date:Mar 1, 2006
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