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JECRC:Padmashree Prof (Dr.) M.S. Raghunathan from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai and Prof. Jugal Verma from IIT (Bombay) visit JECRC to deliver lecture on Indian Mathematicians of India in the last century.

Rajasthan, March 18 -- Two Eminent mathematicians of India ,Padmashree Prof (Dr.) M.S. Raghunathan from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai and Prof. Jugal Verma from IIT (Bombay) visited JECRC University recentlt to deliver a lecture on Indian Mathematician of India in the last century.

During the session,Padma vibhushan & Padmashree ,Prof. M. S. Raghunathanspoke about mathematicians who made significant contributions to mathematics during the 20th century. He quoted some interesting biographical information touching upon their mathematical contributions and their influence on the development of mathematics in the country. HarishChandra and Vinay Kumar Patodi whose contributions lead to many discoveries in Physics and other applied technologies whereas Prof. Jugal Verma highlighted on the geometry of Polygons and their Algebraic understanding. He also spoke about the constructional regular polygons, the methods of constructions for a regular pentagon and a regular 17-gon due to Richmond was decribed.

After the lecture session ,there was a general question answer round where the audience asked questions which were answered by Prof. M. S. Raghunathan.

Later, in an interview Prof.M.S Raghunathan said, "We in India need to revive and rejuvenate our mathematical heritage. This could only be achieved if more youngsters, particularly brighter ones take up Mathematics as their career. There has to be greater funding for mathematical research and we need to produce more fundamental research.

However, a few mathematicians of Indian origin in USA and Europe are doing very good tin their career over there. However, no Indian has received 'Field Medal'award yet . 'Field Medal' is also known as Nobel Prize of Mathematics. It is conferred to a mathematician for a first rate original contribution in the development of Mathematics. We are expecting it to happen in the near Future.The entire basis of modern Information Technology and Computer Science is 'Discrete Mathematics'. The cutting edge technological developments in these fields are possible only with research and development in 'Fundamental Mathematics'. Thus, it is pertinent to strengthen this basis in India."

Thus, it was truly an enriching and educative experience for the students of JECRC ,Jaipur University to learn about India's great mathematicians from two of India's eminent professors .

Profile of Speakers

Padmashree Prof (Dr.) M. S. Raghunathan is an Indian mathematician and is currently Head of theNational Centre for Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. He was formerly Professorof eminence at TIFR in Homi Bhabha Chair. Prof Raghunathan received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from(TIFR), University of Mumbai. Prof. Raghunathan obtained B.A.(Hons) in Mathematics fromMadras University and a Ph.D. from Bombay University(TIFR). His principal area of researchis Lie groups. Professor Raghunathan has received numerous academic awards. Government of Indiwarded him Padma Shri in 2001. Raghunathan is a Fellow of the Royal Society and of the ThirdWorld Academy of Sciences. He was the Chairman of the National Board for Higher Mathematicsof the Department of Atomic Energy (Govt. Of India) during 1987--2006.

Prof(Dr.) Jugal Kishore Verma is Professor, Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of TechnologyBombay. Professor Jugal Kishore Verma has made substantial and fundamental contributions to theimportant area of mixed multiplicities in commutative algebra. His research in this area has had a greatimpact in neighboring fields. The study of Hilbert functions and blow-up algebras have been greatlyenriched by his work. His interpretation of mixed volumes as mixed multiplicities has given a purelyalgebraic proof of a well -known theorem of Bernstein.

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Date:Mar 18, 2013
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