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JDRF, Novocell form partnership to clinical test encapsulated human islets.

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), New York, NY, announced it has established a partnership with Novocell, Inc., an Irvine, CA-based biotechnology company, to support an on-going proof of principle phase I/II human clinical trial for Novocell's polyethylene glycol encapsulation of insulin-producing islets.

JDRF says the encapsulation procedure potentially provides an approach to avoid the use of chronic immunosuppressive drugs in the islet cell setting. While adults are able to tolerate the side effects produced by the drugs, children are less able to tolerate them making inappropriate candidates for islet cell transplantation.

Novocell encapsulation technology uniformly coats donated pancreatic islets with a thin layer of biocompatible material. The company believes the coats enables implanted cells to survive subcutaneously and controls glucose levels in patients with type 1 diabetes, resulting in near normal hemoglobin A1c levels without the need for life-long immunosuppression.

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Title Annotation:Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
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Date:Jun 16, 2006
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