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JDL Joins Forces With Satellite-Based ISP.

DirecPC and JDL Technologies have joined forces to develop the K-12WORLD Satellite Server, a low-cost solution that provides schools with safe, secure, high-speed Internet access. With the system, schools can download information from the Internet at speeds up to 14 times faster than a standard 28.8 modem.

Here's how it works. Users connected to the school's Local Area Network (LAN) make URL requests with a Web browser. The information comes back through the DirecPC dish and is cached on the server, then relayed to the appropriate users over the LAN.

In addition, CyberLibrary software stores frequently accessed Web sites locally on the server, reducing network traffic and further increasing the speed at which the information travels. A Proxy Robot retrieves and refreshes requested Web sites during off-peak hours.

The K-12WORLD Satellite Server protects children from "adult" content through an optional SmartFilter. Monthly charges for the Turbo Internet service start at $349 per month for up to 10 concurrent users. JDL Technologies, Edina, MN, (800) 535-3969,

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Date:Oct 1, 1998
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