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Articles from JCT Research (May 1, 2012)

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Application of molecular dynamics computer simulations to evaluate polymer-solvent interactions. Goicochca, Armando Gama; Briseno, Manuel 5063
Characterization and property of microarc oxidation coatings on open-cell aluminum foams. Liu, Jiaan; Zhu, Xianyong; Huang, Zhiqiu; Yu, Sirong; Yang, Xizen 2630
Characterization of a water-based paint for corrosion protection. Dias, Paula; Carneiro, Catarina; Andrade, Luisa; Sousa, Jose; Machado, Joao; Mendes, Adelio 5781
Chemical and electrochemical characterization of [TiO.sub.2]/[Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] atomic layer depositions on AZ-31 magnesium alloy. Marin, E.; Lanzutti, A.; Guzman, L.; Fedrizzi, L. Report 5915
Computer rendering and visual detection of orange peel. Konicczny, Jonathan; Meyer, Gary 6407
Critical role of particle/polymer interface in photostability of nano-filled polymeric coating. Gu, Xiaohong; Chen, Guodong; Zhao, Minhua; Watson, Stephanie S.; Nguyen, Tinh; Chin, Joannie W.; Mar Report 8002
Dependent light scattering in white paint films: clarification and application of the theoretical concepts. Auger, J.-C.; Stout, Brian Report 6033
Direct fabrication and morphology of metallic micropatterns by pulsed jet nanoelectrospraying of silver nano-ink. Wang, Ke; Stark, John P.W. 3002
Flexible blade coating. Giacomin, A.J.; Cook, J.D.; Hohnson, L.M.; Mix, A.W. Report 3615
Preparation and characterization of water-based polyurethane-acrylic hybrid nanocomposite emulsion based on a new silane-containing acrylic macromonomer. Javaheriannaghash, Hamid; Ghazavi, Nasrin 7397
Surfactant-induced growth of a calcium hydroxide coating at the concrete surface. Gueit, Eleonore; Darque-Ceretti, Evelyne; Tintillier, Patrick; Horgnies, Matthieu 5565
The effect of formulation variables on fouling-release performance of stratified siloxane-polyurethane coatings. Bodkhe, Rajan B.; Thompson, Stephanie E.M.; Yehle, Carolyn; Cilz, Nicholas; Daniels, Justin; Stafsli 7815
UV-curable phthalazinone-based epoxy methacrylate antifouling coatings with N-vanillylnonanamide as antifoulant. Wang, Jin-Yan; Lv, Ming-Xia; Kou, Yan; Wang, Qin-Yi; Jian, Xi-Gao 3424

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