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JCIMS information update.


Combat is dangerous enough without having to worry about being shot by someone on your own side. That's why both you and your vehicle need the protection of the Joint Combat Identification Marking System (JCIMS).

JCIMS is composed of combat identification panels (CIPs), thermal identification panels (TIPs), and Phoenix infrared beacons. All three items have been around since the mid-90s and JCIMS remains the only platform marking capability within the US Army and our NATO Allies.




Over the years, JCIMS has evolved to cover new vehicle models and consolidate kit configurations. For example, seven separate kits were originally needed to cover the entire HMMWV family of vehicles. Today, only two types of kits are needed.


JCIMS is a CTA 50-909, Table 60 Class II accountable item with a Reportable Item Control Code (RICC) of 2 (reportable) and an Accounting Requirement Code (ARC) of "durable." The basis of issue narrative guidance contained in the CTA database was recently updated to require JCIMS for all maneuver brigade combat teams in the active component and National Guard.

Make sure you remove the JCIMS kit before turning your vehicle in to Reset. You'll need that kit to use on your replacement vehicle. Remember, all components of the JCIMS kit are separate accountable items and must be maintained and accounted for, whether mounted or not.

Work is also underway to configure JCIMS kits for the armored versions of the FMTV/LMTV, HEMTT, PLS, and LHS, as well as the M88A2 recovery vehicle and select MRAP vehicles.

If your unit has not been contacted to schedule a New Material Information Briefing (NMIB) and New Equipment Fielding (NEF) for JCIMS, you can expect contact sometime soon.


Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and Supply Management responsibilities for JCIMS are transitioning from TACOM to CECOM. When the transfer is complete, CECOM will provide all future sustainment by means of supply chain management and planning.

Future supply initiatives may include the provisioning of kit hardware so that repair parts can be ordered instead of a new kit. The CECOM POC for supply issues is Christopher Lukeman, 443-861-2961, or email:


Maintenance is critical in keeping the JCIMS kits fully mission capable. To help with that, an interim User's Manual is available pending the completion of the final TM. The manual includes Class IX component NSNs, a PMCS checklist and a sustainment training briefing that includes maintenance and security requirements and tactics, techniques and procedures to assist employment planning.

Until a final hard copy version of the TM is available, you can download the User's Guide at the Single Interface to the Field (SIF) website:




Michael Toscan, Project Leader

(410) 306-4020

Sherry Venable, Logistic Leader

(410) 306-4031

Michael Starr, Fielding Leader/Systems Engineer

DSN 464-2426, (502) 626-2426 mil
 Vehicle Kit NSN LIN

 2350-01-394-2534 K41354
M2A2/M3A2, M2A3/M3A3 Bradleys, M6 2350-01-398-5170 K41388
 Linebacker, M7 BFIST
M270A1 MLRS 2350-01-398-5171 K41558
M113A2/A3 FOV 2350-01-398-5168 K41490
M88A1 recovery vehicle 2350-01-394-2531 K27523
M60A1 AVLB 2350-01-392-1566 K41286
M109A2-A6 SP howitzer 2350-01-398-5180 K41422
M992A2 ammo carrier 2350-01-398-5178 K27591
M1126, M1127, M1128, M1129, M1130, 2320-01-501-9527 C85240
 M1131, M1134 Stryker
M1132, M1133, M1135 Stryker 2320-01-507-2544 C85308
M996, M997, M1037, M1097, M1113 2320-01-398-7188 K93075
 (w/shelter) HMMWVs
M998, M1038, M1113 (w/o shelter),
M1097, M1114, M1025, M1026, M966, M1151, 2320-01-472-5884 K41694
 M1152, M1165 HMMWVs
HMMWV Avenger 2320-01-398-7197 K27455
FMTV/LMTV, HEMTT, PLS, LHS-series 2320-01-483-9056 K61881
SEE 2320-01-398-5163 K41184
M93A1 Fox CBRN vehicle 2350-01-398-5173 K41252

 Item NSN

TIP-21 thermal ID panel (2x2-ft) 2590-01-563-8452
TIP-9 thermal ID panel (4x4-ft) 2590-01-531-6337
Phoenix IR-14 light 5855-01-438-4588
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