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 NASHVILLE, Tenn., Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- JC Bradford Inc., has chosen MCI to provide 800 Service in a three-year, $2 million agreement MCI announced today.
 JC Bradford, one of the nation's largest privately held financial services and brokerage firms, will use MCI 800 Service to provide toll- free customer service to its 80 locations in 16 states.
 The brokerage firm will also employ MCI's MultiManager service to provide contingency call routing planning and network diversity.
 "The 800 Portability ruling gave us a timely opportunity to rethink how we could use toll-free service and technology to our advantage," said Robert Bentrem, JC Bradford investment limited partner -- telecommunications.
 "First and foremost, quick response from our vendors is essential. At one point during our 800 service conversion, MCI used its near real- time rerouting capabilities to change the terminating locations of nearly 50 '800' numbers in about five minutes.
 "Without this level of support, this change would have required complete reprogramming of our PBX (Private Branch Exchange) routing and taken much longer.
 "MCI showed us fast action when it counted, ensuring smooth service to our customers. That's what we wanted from our 800 Portability decision."
 With the firing of the 800 Portability starting gun on May 1, businesses gained the freedom to select the long distance provider of choice while retaining their existing 800 numbers.
 Looking forward to 800 Portability, MCI introduced MultiManager last November, the first industry service to manage 800 service contingency routing planning and trouble management for businesses.
 A dedicated MCI MultiManager customer support center, staffed by technicians and customer service employees, was also established to provide dedicated support for MultiManager clients.
 To further ensure reliable toll-free calling, JC Bradford will also use MCI's 800 Guardian service as part of its alternate routing plan. MCI Guardian offers the only one-minute assurance that calls will be rerouted within 60 seconds in the event of an outage.
 "Seconds are critical in maintaining high levels of service quality for JC Bradford," said Lynn Coker, vice president of sales for MCI Business markets.
 "MCI has made a long-term investment in a quick-responding, flexible network and we're delighted JC Bradford has also invested in MCI technology and people to serve its customers."
 Headquartered in Nashville, JC Bradford provides stock, bond and option trading services, along with a broad range of investment products and services. JC Bradford has a network of 80 retail brokerage offices in 16 states.
 MCI, headquartered in Washington, offers a full-range of domestic and global telecommunications services through one of the world's largest sophisticated networks. The company, with 1992 revenue of more than $10 billion, is the second-largest long distance provider in the U.S. and has more than 60 overseas offices in 55 nations.
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 /CONTACT: Steve Fox of MCI Business Markets, 800-365-2275/

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Date:Oct 13, 1993

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