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JBM Electronics Provides Cellular Routers to ATM Express, Inc.

C200 Router Reduces Operating Costs and Decreases Transaction Times

ST. LOUIS & BILLINGS, Mont. -- JBM Electronics, a leading provider of Cellular VPN routers to the ATM and POS industries, announced today that ATM Express Inc., the fastest growing distributor of ATMs in the country, has incorporated JBM's solutions to take advantage of cellular data access to connect ATMs through Cingular and Verizon networks.

Today, most automated teller machines (ATM) and point-of-sale (POS) devices operate using dial-ups or leased lines, which account for one of the largest portions of an operating budget. JBM Electronics offers the ability to make the switch from a dial-up, serial, or Ethernet ATM or POS device to cellular networks.

"In our business, it is important to embrace the latest technology to help clients control costs and keep ahead of the curve," said Neil Clark, vice president and co-founder of ATM Express. "JBM Electronics provides us with the ability to offer secure, fast and inexpensive transactions to our customers. Since deploying JBM's routers we have experienced tremendous reception and we look forward to working with JBM to fulfill the growing demand."

By using JBM Electronics' innovative wireless routers, ATM Express has lowered communication costs by 70 percent and reduced transaction times from 25 seconds to as low as five seconds per transaction. Converting to cellular can offer additional advantages such as increased network management capabilities and faster deployment times with increased mobility.

ATM Express utilizes JBM Electronic' Gateway C200 cellular router, designed especially for low bandwidth applications such as ATMs, POS and Utility meter remote connectivity. This compact VPN router is built to economically connect devices to a cellular network and offers the following features:

* Protocol conversion and interface support for legacy environments such as async serial, SNA, 3270 bisync, VISA II dial, and many others

* IPSec and SSL security

* Low price point and advanced features for easy and diverse deployment

* Advanced ATM processing capabilities needed to interface terminal devices to the host system, including custom headers, data manipulation and special routing

"We are excited to partner with a forward-thinking company such as ATM Express," said David Graybeal, Vice President of sales and marketing at JBM Electronics. "Improved cost efficiencies and performance are very important to ATM customers. ATM Express has established a benchmark for service based on its cellular connectivity offers and we are very excited about the prospects."


JBM Electronics was founded in 1975 as a custom development house for network connectivity solutions. Initially a specialist in legacy networking solutions involving environments such as SNA and 3270, JBM has since expanded that expertise to include IP and now cellular-based connectivity solutions. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, JBM has provided solutions to thousands of customers, including Hewlett-Packard, GasTV, and Pilot TravelCenters.

Recently, JBM shipped its 10,000th access router for cellular network connectivity and continues to be a leader in application-based connectivity solutions. For more information please visit or call 1-800-489-7781.


ATM Express, Inc. has been offering superior service and support for the ATM industry since 1999 and currently processes nearly 14,000 ATMs nationwide. They exemplify high values and pride in conducting a business of principle. These characteristic qualities are mirrored through their employees who demonstrate integrity each day as they use their knowledge and skills to build the success of client businesses.

ATM Express, Inc. now employs over forty people and process and service ATM machines in all fifty states. ATM Express prides itself on its ability to meet the challenges of the constantly changing ATM industry. They assist their business associates in meeting compliance with EFT Regulations and offer products and services that accommodate evolving consumer needs. The company puts technology into play through the most efficient and cost effective methods known in the industry. ATM Express is providing solutions to changing financial, consumer, and communication needs.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 14, 2006
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