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 HONG KONG, Jan. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Jardine Fleming China Region Fund, Inc. (NYSE: JFC) is a newly organized, non-diversified, closed-end management investment company seeking long-term capital appreciation through investment primarily in the equity securities of companies with substantial assets in, or revenues derived from, the People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. It is a member of the Investment Company Institute.
 The following fact sheet has been compiled from sources the company believes to be reliable but it does not hold itself responsible for its completeness or accuracy. Jardine Fleming Group and its officers and employees may or may not have a position in or with respect to the securities mentioned herein. All opinions and estimates included in this fact sheet constitute the company's judgment as of Dec. 31, 1993, and are subject to change without notice.
 The Company
 Domicile -- Maryland U.S.A.
 Incorporation date -- May 22, 1992
 Launch date -- July 16, 1992
 Year end -- Dec. 31
 Life -- Unlimited
 Capital History
 Issued share capital of 7,698,781.41 shares of which: a) 2 million were issued as part of a Reasonable Efforts offering during July 1992 at prices of $14.35 or $14.50 depending on the level of subscription; b) 4,800,000 were issued as part of an underwritten offering at $15 each; c) 7,169 were issued and sold to the Investment Adviser at US$13.95 each; d) 158 were issued in June 1993 in accordance with the Dividend Reinvestment Plan; (e) 891,454.41 rights were exercised at US$19.50 each in December 1993.
 Investment Advisers: Jardine Fleming International Management Inc.
 Administrator: T. Rowe Price Services, Inc.
 Directors: M.G. Barrow, president; A.B. Colayco; B.C. Pickerell; E.J. Rice; M.B.E. White.
 Ex-Div. Date
 Dec. 21, 1992 $0.07
 June 3, 1993 $0.04
 Nov. 23, 1993 $1.69
 Price Information
 Date Net Assets NAV per share Share Price Premium/
 US$M US$ US$ (Discount)%
 12/31/93 180.2 23.40 26.00 11.1
 11/26/93 134.7 19.79 23.13 16.9
 9/30/93 120.1 17.64 18.88 7.0
 6/30/93 114.5 16.81 17.88 6.4
 3/31/93 113.0 16.60 16.25 (2.1)
 12/31/92 102.4 15.05 13.88 (7.8)
 9/30/92 95.1 13.97 12.00 (14.1)
 7/27/92 94.0 13.81 14.75 6.8
 Inception 94.2 13.84 15.00 8.4
 Premium (discount) range
 Share Price to NAV %
 Current 11.1
 1993 21.0 -- (13.4)
 1992 7.7 -- (17.6)
 Performance 1 month 1 year
 (US$) % %
 NAV 18.2 69.1
 Share Price 12.4 99.8
 HK All Ordinaries Index 25.9 106.3
 Taiwan Weighted Index 41.0 71.5
 The Company has been given the authority to repurchase its own shares at the discretion of the Directors.
 Dealing Information
 Listed -- New York Stock Exchange
 Stock Symbol -- JFC
 Dealing Currency -- US$
 Settlement -- five business days after the date
 Daily Price Quotes
 Reuters Page -- JFIC
 Video 1 Pages -- 893(asterisk)2-3
 Quick 10 Page -- JFS402
 Hong Kong -- Share prices published in
 (1) South China Morning Post (first Thursday of every month)
 (2) The Asian Wall Street Journal -- under "NYSE Composite Transactions" and Net Asset Value (at Friday's closing prices in Asia) under "Publicly Traded Funds" (every Monday)
 New York -- The Wall Street Journal (daily)
 Top 15 Investments
 1. Hopewell Holdings 6.2%
 2. Guangdong Investment Ltd. 6.0%
 3. Talam 5.4%
 4. Hutchison Whampoa 4.7%
 5. Maanshan Iron & Steel 4.6%
 6. Granite 3.8%
 7. Champion Technology 3.4%
 8. Shanghai Jin Jiang Tower 3.3%
 9. China Aerospace 3.3%
 10. Sing Tao Holdings 2.9%
 11. Television Broadcasts 2.9%
 12. Pro-Art Technology 2.8%
 13. Shanghai Dazhong Taxi 2.8%
 14. Mando Machinery 2.7%
 15. Korea Electric Power 2.6%
 Total 54.5%
 Investment by Country
 Hong Kong 53.8%
 China 17.0%
 Korea 12.3%
 Malaysia 9.3%
 Australia 1.3%
 Subtotal 93.7%
 Net liquidity 6.3%
 Total 100.0
 The following "Manager's Report" was issued by Douglas Eu, of the Jardine Fleming China Region Fund:
 The Chinese markets ended 1993 on a high note with the Hang Seng Index (HSI) recording its biggest monthly gain since the unification of the four exchanges and also the largest monthly gain since 1974 closing December +30.4% at 11,888. The B share markets, led by Shanghai, responded with a solid gain of +15.6%. Unfortunately, the main driving force behind the HSI was the property sub-sector while China-related companies spent December in consolidation with most underperforming the blue chip property companies.
 The comparatively high valuations of the China plays relative to the broader market may continue to limit gains over the near term relative to the HSI. We expect 1994 to be a banner year for Chinese government privatisations with many of these state assets being sold to existing HK listed companies or through new H share listings in Hong Kong. This should help underpin earnings growth and ensure further gains, although gains may not mirror index movements.
 -0- 1/18/94
 /CONTACT: Dudley Howard, investor relations (Hong Kong), 852-843-8813, or Gerry Ng, administration, 852-840-6001, or U.S. representative, 800-638-8540, all of Jardine Fleming China Region Fund/

CO: Jardine Fleming China Region Fund, Inc. ST: Maryland IN: FIN SU:

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