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JAPANESE KNOTFEED; Horror weed becomes a restaurant favourite.


PLANT expert Paul Beckett has found a way of getting rid of the gardeners' nightmare Japanese Knotweed - eat it.

The superweed spreads like lightning and its powerful roots can damage the foundations of buildings. It is extremely hard to kill and is such a hazard it is illegal to grow it, transport it or even dispose of it without a special licence.

But after studying the weed for years Paul has discovered it is rather tasty - and has persuaded a restaurant near his Brighton home to serve a series of knotweed dishes.

Now Terre a Terre vegetarian restaurant is planning knotweed soufle and a knotweed, raspberry and ginger dessert.

Paul said: "It is surprisingly delicious, a fresh rhubarb taste with the texture of asparagus.

"I understand why people hate it. Once you have it in your garden, it's a nightmare to get rid of. But by eating it, I hope one day we can learn to live in harmony with it."

Terre a Terre chef Dino Pavledis said: "It produces a wonderful liquor that gives real depth of flavour."


FAN Knotweed expert Paul Beckett KNOT BAD Chef Dino with dishes HORROR Japanese Knotweed
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 17, 2010
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