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The Jakarta Futures Exchange has announced that it has gone live with its new integrated trading, surveillance and risk management system from TrayportA[R] Exchange Systems and 3i Infotech. The Jakarta Futures Exchange has been live with Trayport's GlobalVision Exchange Trading System(SM) since the start of August, but this has now been integrated with the Advanced Warning And Control System (AWACS) specialist surveillance and risk management system from 3i Infotech (

Trayport's GlobalVision Exchange Trading System(SM) ( integrates fully with 3i Infotech's AWACS solution and it is expected that both systems will link to 3i Infotech's Tradis online broker workstation and order routing system later this year.

"The new exchange trading platform allows us to monitor clients' positions and margin management, market exposure and trading limits," said Lukas Lauw, Head of Trading and IT at Jakarta Futures Exchange. "We are pleased with the way the systems have been deployed so quickly and effectively. The support provided by both Trayport and 3i Infotech has been first rate and allowed us to make the change much more easily."

"GlobalVision Exchange Trading System is being increasingly used by exchanges worldwide," said Paul Constantinou, Sales Manager for Exchange Systems, Trayport. "The Jakarta Futures Exchange is an important player in commodities trading in Asia and their rapid expansion and move to electronic trading shows its clear objective for the future. More exchanges are looking for integrated trading and risk management systems that improve their futures and derivatives markets. We believe that the Trayport and 3i Infotech approach gives exchanges an advanced trading platform while providing the best fraud and risk monitoring solutions available today."

"We have already seen an increase in trading volumes as a result of switching to Trayport's GlobalVision Exchange Trading System. We also expect that when we implement FIX Gateway, it will allow our members to connect their broker systems to the exchange, and so we will see an even greater effect," said Lukas Lauw. "The platform already offers members electronic trading of olein (palm oil) futures and gold contracts. We will soon add other products including coffee and cocoa."

Bharat SV, 3i Infotech, commented, "Implementation of advanced trading and risk management systems from Trayport and 3i Infotech, will ensure the Jakarta Futures Exchange has what it needs to meet the demands of a rapidly expanding market place."

About Trayport Limited

Trayport Exchange Systems is a business unit of Trayport producing software for exchanges worldwide. Trayport is the leading provider of software to the European commodity trading community. It develops, deploys and supports quality, resilient software for trading in any asset class worldwide in cleared or OTC markets. Trayport's GlobalVision(SM) software is used by the world's largest trading companies in high profile markets that include derivative and cash instruments. Founded in 1993, Trayport has offices in London, New York and Hong Kong. Trayport is a subsidiary of GFI Group Inc. ('GFIG' on Nasdaq).

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Date:Oct 1, 2010

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