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 COVENTRY, England, Jan. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Jaguar sales soared by 22 percent in 1993. The Coventry-based luxury car manufacturer increased worldwide sales from 22,483 cars to 27,338 cars. Exports accounted for 77 percent (21,223 cars) of the company's total sales during the year.
 Sales in Jaguar's biggest market, the United States, rose by 47 percent from 8,681 to 12,734. Continued growth throughout the year in the United States culminated in 1,376 sales in December -- Jaguar's best sales month of the year in this very competitive market.
 In the United Kingdom, sales rose by 11 percent in a static luxury car market. And in Germany where the luxury car market fell by 40 percent, Jaguar sales rose 7 percent, helped by the introduction of the new V-12 powered saloons during 1993.
 Pacific Rim markets continue to show strong growth with sales doubling in Singapore and growing by 40 percent in Australia and New Zealand. Even in recession-hit Japan, Jaguar achieved a small growth in sales -- up from 1,501 cars in 1992 to 1,510 in 1993. Sales in the Middle East increased by 14 percent, helped by a strong end-of- year performance and the introduction of the new 1994 model year cars.
 Whilst much of Europe remains in recession, Jaguar saw sales grow in Austria (up 12 percent), Switzerland (up 11 percent) and Sweden (up 55 percent). In virtually every other European market, Jaguar saw a significant increase in its share of the luxury car sector.
 Jaguar's Chairman and Chief Executive Nick Scheele commented: "There is no doubt that our excellent reputation for quality has been a major factor in our sales success in world markets.
 "It has helped us increase sales in key markets, many of which continue to be affected by recession and remain very competitive. New models introduced during 1993 have had an excellent reception from our customers and we have backed these with innovative marketing programmes. During 1993 we increased production by 9,000 cars to 29,548 through planned overtime. This ensured that we had stock available to meet demand and to prepare for 1994, when we expect to record further sales increases."
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Date:Jan 11, 1994

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