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MAHWAH, N.J., June 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Jaguar Cars today revealed details of its first-ever V8 engine, which will power the company's new XK8 coupe and convertible when they go on sale in October.

The 4.0-liter AJ-V8 is the latest in a line of thoroughbred Jaguar engine designs spanning six decades. It also represents a milestone in British automotive design, being only the fourth Jaguar series production engine in the company's history. Totally engineered at Jaguar's R&D center in Coventry, England, the new engine drew heavily on the company's expertise in road- and racing car-engine design.

The result is a compact, rigid, refined and lightweight powertrain that delivers effortless high performance. The new powertrain comprises a 290-bhp, 32-valve, quad-cam, all-aluminum V8 engine coupled with the first five-speed automatic transmission ever fitted in a Jaguar.

Commenting on the launch of the new powertrain, Nick Scheele, Jaguar's chairman and chief executive said, "The introduction of a new Jaguar engine is a significant event in motoring history. The AJ-V8 remains faithful to the Jaguar tradition by employing advanced technology and design innovation to set new standards of power and refinement combined with world class quality. The new engine will make its market debut in Jaguar's exciting XK8 sports car in October."
 AJ-V8 Extends the Jaguar Lineage

The first Jaguar engine, the XK twin-cam, straight six, was unveiled in the XK 120 sports car in 1948 and soon became a Le Mans-winning legend.

In 1971 Jaguar introduced the V12 engine in the E-type (XK-E) and redefined the industry standards for power and refinement.

Jaguar's all-aluminum alloy six-cylinder AJ6 engine, which appeared in 1983, and its successor, the AJ16 in calendar 1994, employed high-efficiency, four-valve cylinder head technology for optimized performance and economy. The AJ16, praised by the automotive press for its refinement and performance, will continue to power Jaguar sedans in 1997.

Through the application of advanced technology, the AJ-V8 extends the Jaguar lineage to satisfy the demands of luxury car buyers worldwide, setting new standards in key design areas.
 Class-Leading Powertrain

The advanced design of the AJ-V8 embodies an array of class-leading features:

-- It is the most efficient engine in its class with highest specific power (72.5 bhp/liter) and highest specific torque at low engine speeds.

-- A minimum 80 percent of peak torque is available between 1400 and 6400 rpm for quick acceleration across an unusually wide range of speeds.

-- It is the lightest engine in its class, at 441 pounds.

-- Variable inlet cam phasing (VCP) system optimizes valve timing, increasing both low-speed torque and top-end power.

-- Liner-free cylinder bores enhance refinement and durability while reducing weight.

-- Plastic molded air inlet manifold with integral fuel rails aids gas flow for improved power and starting performance.

-- The stiffest powertrain in its class delivers excellent refinement and durability.

-- The patented, precision split-block cooling system achieves a very fast warm-up - less than four minutes in the simulated urban cycle - to reduce emissions and fuel consumption and to deliver a warm cabin quickly in the winter.

-- Thin-wall exhaust manifolds and close-coupled catalytic converters are capable of operating within 30 seconds of start-up to further reduce emissions.

-- Platinum-tipped spark plugs, "filled for life" transmission and maintenance-free drive systems reduce servicing costs. Service schedules in the U.S. and Canada require that for the first 100,000 miles (160,000 km) only the engine oil and filters need replacement.

-- All-new bespoke engine management system, incorporating two 16-bit microprocessors with a memory capacity of 192KB and electronic throttle, meets worldwide emissions legislation while maintaining excellent driveability.
 New, Intelligent Five-Speed Automatic Transmission

The XK8 will be the first Jaguar to feature a five-speed automatic transmission. The electronically controlled ZF transmission features a wide gear ratio spread and an advanced low-inertia torque converter to match perfectly the engine's power and torque. The converter features a slip-controlled clutch to achieve a near-locked condition at low speed in high gears, enhancing fuel economy and refinement.

A 32-bit intelligent, electronic transmission control module determines exactly the right gearshift point based on driver demands and road conditions, enhancing vehicle performance and driveability. Yet when operated manually, the transmission will not pre-empt the driver's decision to keep the engine at or even above redline, an important feature for spirited driving especially in mountains. A rev limiter protects the engine during this kind of driving.

Also in keeping with the Jaguar tradition of building driver's cars, the "J-gate" transmission gate for the XK8 locks out overdrive when the driver shifts the gear lever from "drive" to fourth gear.

Electronic shift energy management reduces engine torque during gearshifts for seamless gear changes.
 A New Powertrain Developed in 36 Months

The design and verification process for AJ-V8 delivered the all-new powertrain in just 36 months from program approval. Simultaneous engineering teams comprising engineers from Jaguar Powertrain and Manufacturing, together with representatives from key suppliers, were responsible for all aspects of powertrain design, manufacturing and quality from concept to production. This enabled Jaguar to capitalize on the suppliers' accumulated knowledge and expertise from the earliest stages of the program.
 All-New, World-Class Jaguar Production Facility

The AJ-V8 engine is manufactured in an all-new, dedicated Jaguar facility located within the Ford Engine Plant in Bridgend, South Wales. The Jaguar "plant-within-a-plant" saved considerable investment costs by Jaguar. It is staffed by workers dedicated to Jaguar engine production and includes a linked flow-line of computer numerically controlled machines with automated loading and assembly. Component supply is on a "just-in-time" basis.

Final engine dress and installation into cars is undertaken at Jaguar's Browns Lane Plant in Coventry, England.

The AJ-V8 facility was planned and implemented by simultaneous engineering teams comprising manufacturing engineers from Jaguar and Ford (NYSE: F), working closely with machine tool vendors and Jaguar Powertrain Engineering. The AJ-V8 team blended Jaguar's experience of medium-volume, high-specification engines with Ford's expertise in high-volume production and implementation to create a world-class facility for Jaguar's new generation of engines.
 Number of cylinders Eight
 Configuration 90-degree V8
 Capacity cc (cu. in.) 3996 (243.9)
 Bore/stroke mm (in.) 86/86 (3.386/3.386)
 Stroke/bore ratio 1.00:1
 Compression ratio 10.75:1
 Fuel grade Unleaded premium
 Maximum power bhp @ engine 290 @ 6100 rpm

speed, SAE net
 Maximum torque lb. ft. @ 290 @ 4250

engine speed, SAE net
 Cylinder block type Die cast aluminum alloy
 block and bedplate
 assembly: alloy block with
 Nikasil-plated bores,
 bedplate with cast iron
 bearing cap inserts
 Cylinder head type Precision sand cast
 aluminum alloy, fully heat
 Combustion chamber type Pentroof
 Number of valves/cylinder Four
 Valve operation Twin overhead camshafts,
 chain driven hydraulically
 actuated two-position
 inlet cam VCP system
 Camshafts Chilled cast iron
 Crankshaft Spheroidal Graphite cast
 Connecting rods Powder sinter forged steel
 Oil capacity liters (U.S. quarts) 6.5 (6.9)
 Ignition Nippondenso EMS with
 on-plug coils
 Spark plugs Fine wire platinum tipped
 Fuel injection Nippondenso EMS with
 sequentially driven
 side-feed injectors
 Inlet manifold Eight branch Polyamide 66
 GF35 manifold with central
 plenum. Integral fuel rail
 Throttle control Nippondenso EMS with DC
 motor-driven electronic
 throttle and integral
 " mechanical back-up
 Cooling system type Sealed pressurized
 Cooling system capacity liters 10.1 (10.5)

(U.S. qts.)
 Weight (dressed) kg (lb.) 200 (441)
 Transmission Type ZF 5HP24 5-speed automatic
 Torque converter type With slip-controlled
 lock-up clutch

 -- 1st 3.57:1
 -- 2nd 2.20:1
 -- 3rd 1.51:1
 -- 4th 1.00:1
 -- 5th 0.80:1
 -- Reverse 4.10:1
 Lubrication system Maintenance-free
 Weight (with oil) kg (lb.) 95 (209)
 -0- 6/12/96

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