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YOU heard it here first. Russell Grant is out. Sadly our prediction that he would soon leave Strictly Come Dancing came true even quicker than we thought.

After another wonderfully entertaining and original performance, the judges had no choice but to fire Russell from their own cannon of rejection. Goodbye and thanks for the smiles.

Jimi Hendrix, who it is believed recorded a version of the Welsh national anthem in 1970, would have been celebrating his 69th birthday this Sunday. As with seemingly everything these days, there's an app for it. It's free and we like free things.

It is a brilliantly constructed journey through his life with, of course, an awesome soundtrack, really interesting video footage and enlightening commentary.

The big new single out next week is Jason Derulo's Fight For You.

It's the third single from his new album, Future History (pictured) We've been playing it for a couple of weeks and it has to be said, this song definitely divides opinion.

If you're old enough to remember Toto's 80s hit Africa, from which Derulo samples lines, you may be inclined to say "What's he doing to that great song?" That's what we thought when we first heard it but, thinking about it, if you just take it as a new pop song, it ain't bad. We're guessing the guys from Toto are also getting a dollar or two as well - so everyone's a winner.

Meanwhile this week in the chart we have a brand new number one. Flo Rida, and Good Feeling. This is a great song but we feel he could have squeezed a little bit more product placement into his video. It put us firmly in mind of Rocky and it now turns out they may be making it into a musical.

It's rumoured that Sylvester Stallone is helping to work on the adaptation of the Oscar winning films. Sly reckons the rags-to-riches story will be a great adaptation for the stage. We tend to agree too but we hope he's got the good sense to get his brother Frank involved as he wrote music for the movies.

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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Nov 25, 2011
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