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JACKO GOES GREEN; Legend will visit Irish doc for surgery between gigs.


MICHAEL Jackson will make secret trips to Ireland for cosmetic surgery check-ups when he moves to London next month.

The moonwalking star visited Dublin's Aylesbury Clinic a number of times when he lived in Ireland for a spell three years ago. Now the 50-year-old singing legend is planning to return after striking up a friendship with top cosmetic dermatologist Dr Patrick Treacy.

A source revealed: "Michael has been there in the past but nobody has ever known about it. He has a great deal of admiration for Dr Treacy's work.

"Michael will fly over whenever he needs his skin treated and also for top-up treatments on surgery that he has already had done in the past.

He is always having his skin looked at because of his vitiligo condition that whitens his appearance.

"But he feels more comfortable at the Aylesbury because he doesn't get harassed by paparazzi there.

"All eyes will be on him so it's great that he can get away to Ireland when he needs to and be off the radar."

And despite rumours the star is in too ill health to perform at the 50sell-out gigs the source added: "Michael is in good shape and has been leaving the younger dancers in the rehearsals in awe of him."


CHECK-UPS Michael Jackson
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 8, 2009
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