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JACKO COP: I CAN'T RULE OUT MURDER; 'We need to know if doctors gave him killer drugs'.


MICHAEL Jackson's death could turn into a murder inquiry, the head of Los Angeles police admitted yesterday.

Police Chief William Bratton said detectives were awaiting laboratory results and, if prescription drugs contributed to his death, doctors could be charged with killing him.

Mr Bratton said: "Are we dealing with a homicide or with accidental overdose? We are still awaiting corroboration from the coroner's office as to cause of death.

"That is going to be very dependent on toxicology reports. Based on those, we will have an idea of what it is we are dealing with."

Mr Bratton said detectives had quizzed several doctors who treated Jacko. He added: "We seized items from the residence where death occurred and those will assist in the investigation."

Jacko's dad Joe yesterday told a US TV interviewer: "I do believe it was foul play."

Police have begun seizing Jacko's health reports from a number of doctors. They include Dr Arnold Klein, his dermatologist and the rumoured biological father of his children, which he denies. Yesterday gossip website said Klein and Conrad Murray, the doctor with Jacko when he died, had not been "forthcoming". Police sources said they failed to hand over "complete files".

The website, which also named a number of other doctors said to have treated the star, claimed Jacko's driver told officials he went to Dr Klein "multiple times a week" before his death. reported: "The driver told coroner's officials that Jackson appeared disoriented when he left Klein's office."

Last night police were called to Klein's offices after staff begged for "protection". The clinic has received harassing calls since Klein admitted sedating Jacko. LAPD confirmed it is investigating calls made to the Beverly Hills office.

It also believes Jackson was being given drugs by as many as a dozen doctors before his death.

Another doctor who became tangled in the controversy yesterday is Dr Alex Farshchian, who wrote a letter to Jacko in 2002 recommending him to use "potent narcotic" Buprenex.

The note read: "Dearest MJ, Buprenex is the potent narcotic I told you about last week. It is just like the D but better."

"D" is believed to be a reference to Demerol - an addictive drug similar to morphine. The letter was found by police in a search of the Neverland ranch in 2003. They also seized a note, believed to be scribbled by Jackson, which read: "Buprenex does the same as demerol. The only difference is you can't become an addict on Buprenex."

It refers to Buprenex as "synthetic demeroll [sic]." It goes on: "2 vials, I would feel safe having it in case of axident [sic]."

Research suggests Buprenex can be addictive if taken for long periods or at high doses.

Police also found a huge stash of drugs in the 2003 raid, part of a child abuse probe.

Among a long list of narcotics, they seized bags containing "milky white fluids" believed to be Diprivan. Investigators are focusing on the powerful sedative, found at Jackson's rented mansion after his death.


Experts say it should only be administered by a trained anaesthetist. yesterday also claimed the singer injected powerful painkillers all over his body. It reported that at his postmortem doctors found injection "sites" on his neck, upper arms, legs, ankles and inside his knee According to 2005 police records, Jacko injected Demerol into his system himself.

One of Jacko's ex-bodyguards, Chris Carter, told police in 2004 the star went to a string of doctors for drugs, using a number of aliases.

Meanwhile, it was claimed yesterday his body is laying in a crypt at a Hollywood cemetery owned by Motown founder Berry Gordy.

The Jackson family are still arguing over where he should be finally laid to rest.

Joe and other relatives attended a memorial service last night in Gary, Indiana - the birthplace of the King of Pop.


WHEN police raided Jackson's Neverland ranch in 2003 they discovered a stash of porn magazines.

They included Hustler, Club, and Couples, and were found in a leather bag next to the bathroom sink. Others were discovered in a box at the base of Jackson's bed and in a briefcase.

Jurors in his 2005 child molestation trial were shown copies taken away by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff as evidence - including one called Barely Legal. Fingerprints belonging to Jackson and his young accuser were found on the magazines.


Huge numbers seized in 2003 by police at the singer's ranch


From 2002 urging star to try "potent narcotic" Buprenex


Found at Jacko's Neverland ranch by police in the raid


One of big haul of containers found at Neverland in 2003


JACKO Treated by "up to 12 doctors" POLICE CHIEF Bratton
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 11, 2009
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