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J Declares War In 'Animal Kingdom' Season 3 Finale.

The "Animal Kingdom" Season 3 finale has finally arrived, which means Smurf is more determined than ever to take out anyone who has ever betrayed her.

At the beginning of episode 13, "The Hyenas," Pope (Shawn Hatosy) moves back home after making a deal with Smurf (Ellen Barkin) and is once again under her control. At least, that's what she thinks.

With her most dangerous son back by her side, Smurf asks him to accompany her to Morgan's (Laura San Giacomo) house because the attorney is missing. During the drive over, Smurf reveals Morgan stole three of their properties and J (Finn Cole) claims he wasn't aware of what he was signing at the time.

Pope then suggests Morgan may have run to the police to share information that could put the Cody family in jail, but Smurf is confident her lawyer wouldn't get the authorities involved. After searching Morgan's home, the two realize she didn't skip town. As Smurf places a phone call to map out their next move, Morgan's body is seen washing up on shore.

Pope drives Smurf to pick up some paperwork, which reveals Morgan sold Smurf's properties to holding companies that have the first, middle and last initials of Pope, Deran (Jake Weary) and Craig's (Ben Robson) names.

Smurf and Pope then track down the notary Morgan used to sell the companies and learn he is an old man residing at an assisted living facility. Once they are taken to his room, they realize he is a patient in the Alzheimer's unit and his notary stamp was stolen.

Although they couldn't confront the notary about his part in selling the properties, Smurf realizes J and Julia used to live two blocks away from the retirement home. Once she returns home, Smurf receives a call that Morgan is dead.

Smurf updates J about what happened to Morgan and notes that the attorney was always smart. She then questions if J is just as smart and warns him to be careful. When the teen asks why he should watch himself, Smurf insists she was talking about his relationship with Mia (Sohvi Rodriguez) and doesn't want the two to have children before they are ready.

Speaking of Mia, the secret assassin makes a quick trip to Mexico to kill Lucy (Carolina Guerra) after Smurf pays Pete (Reynaldo Gallegos) to take care of some unfinished business. She later runs into what appears to be an ex-boyfriend and tells him she is scamming J.

Back in Oceanside, J gets the keys to the bowling alley Morgan helped him steal from Smurf and burns the paperwork connecting him to the properties.

Sensing Pope may be spiraling out of control, Smurf hires a woman to help him relieve stress. However, after their sexual encounter, he drives recklessly through the streets and hits another car.

When Pope attempts to make a getaway, the other driver begins taking photos of his license plate, but runs back to her car when she sees Pope exit his vehicle. He then grabs a crowbar from his trunk and begins further damaging the car he crashed into.

Eventually, Pope finds himself walking the streets shirtless and barefoot before he knocks on his ex, Amy's (Jennifer Landon) door. He collapses on her front steps and she comforts him.

While Pope suffers from a breakdown, Smurf divides up all of her properties among Deran, Craig and J. Smurf also gifts J with a watch that she notes was meant for ( Baz (Scott Speedman), but believes her grandson should have it.

Although the men are happy about their newly acquired properties, they are also looking forward to their independence from Smurf. Frankie (Dichen Lachman) has shown Craig a new way to rob people that doesn't involve risking his life, while Deran has begun planning a future with Adrian (Spencer Treat Clark).

Deran wanted to accompany Adrian on his surfing trip to Africa so they can spend more time together but decided to stay behind and finish up the paperwork for the house he wants them to live in. At the airport, Adrian goes through security only to be met by agents, who discovered drugs in his surfboard.

Later that night, J waits until Smurf is asleep and then begins to whisper into her ear. He tells her he is going to take it all, everything she has, everything she has ever cared about and everyone she's ever loved.

He then walks out of her room and finds Pope standing at the end of the hallway. The two have a brief stare down until Pope walks away and the camera returns its focus to J.

( "Animal Kingdom" has already been renewed for a fourth season.
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