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Thanks in large part to Steve Wozniak, computers that were once loud, room-size behemoths have been transformed into the desktop and portable tools that nearly everyone uses today. For the first time, Wozniak, with journalist Smith's aid, explains how he combined his talent for engineering with his humanistic spirit to create Apple Computer and the first personal computer. AS a young man, Wozniak's self-described "geeky" interest in technology led him to create clubs of like-minded individuals, such as the Electronics Kids and Homebrew Computer Club. It was at this time that Wozniak developed his idea for what would become Apple 1, a television screen combined with a keyboard and a basic microprocessor. To expand his vision, Wozniak and his friend Steve Jobs formed the company Apple Computer. The rest is history, still in the making. Wozniak explains how his life's experiences--including a near-fatal plane crash, attending music festivals, and fatherhood--have fed his inventive spirit. W.W. Norton, 2005, 313 p., b&w plates, hardcover, $25.95.
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Publication:Science News
Date:Mar 10, 2007
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