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Iwantnew Braveheart filmtospark afinalpush forfreedom; ACTOR TELLS OF HOPES FOR ROBERT THE BRUCE EPIC Proud Scot Angus Macfadyen achieved a lifelong dream by finally getting to make historical drama and hopes it will have massive impact.


WHEN Angus Macfadyen starred in Braveheart, he was thrilled to see the movie spark a surge in backing for Scottish independence.

Now, the Scots star is hoping his new Robert the Bruce film can have an even bigger impact.

Angus, 55, fought to get the movie released in Scottish cinemas to "rile up" Nationalist support but insists he only wants a peaceful move towards independence.

The lifelong indy fan was caught up in a social media storm for asking if Scots would "lay our lives down" for constitutional change. He tweeted the question after Home Secretary Sajid David commented about not allowing a second independence referendum.

Angus said: "I attached photos of the hero in Tiananmen Square who stood in front of the tanks and put a flower in the turret. It's called non-violent resistance."

The Glasgow-born actor played Bruce in 1995's Braveheart and has been trying to get his Robert the Bruce film made for 13 years. It will be premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival on Sunday ahead of a nationwide release on June 28.

Angus said: "The great power of Braveheart was that people were getting up in the audience and shouting, 'Freedom'.

"Something happened with that film which the SNP, over decades of making political speeches, weren't able to do. Suddenly we had a Scottish Parliament because people were emotionally moved by a cultural event.

"Having this film come out in cinemas across Scotland is part of that desire for Scots to be riled up and dare to believe in the dream of freedom and independence."

Angus co-wrote Robert the Bruce, which he stars in alongside Chernobyl's Jared Harris and Game of Thrones star Daniel Portman.

Now based in Panama, he became an international star after movies such as the Saw horror series and Christian Bale action film Equilibrium.

Returning to his most famous role, Bruce, has been a labour of love. He said: "In 2006, we knocked a script together for a sweeping epic. Then we sat down and took out the historical stuff set in France and England and left in a section about a crofter woman with three children orphaned when their father died in battle.

My is for to be up and to angus his film robert "But we couldn't raise the money. There was no interest and I found myself like Robert the Bruce in the cave - I thought it was never gonna happen."

Rather than being put off by last year's Netflix blockbuster Outlaw King, Angus revealed that David Mackenzie's film actually To make it more budget-friendly, they focused on a time when Bruce was left defeated and hiding in a cave, where he famously witnessed a spider refusing to give up building a web before being taken in by a family.

desire He added: "We heard that Netflix were making a Robert the Bruce film, so that meant there was renewed interest. If there's one film, there can be two.

Scots riled dare believe macfadyen on the bruce "Then we heard about the director Richard Gray, who had money to make a film but no script. He turned out to be a fan of Braveheart. I have a third script if this does well and I'm working on a play, The Spider and the Bruce, where the theatre is the cave."

The team shot the film last year in Montana and Scotland, with Angus recruiting pals like Kevin McNally, who appeared in Pirates of the Caribbean, as well as Harris and Portman.

It was a challenge for Angus to get back into the right mindset to play Bruce.

He said: "On the first day, I realised I couldn't remember the accent I had in the film. A lot of years have passed for Bruce. He's an older, wiser, more damaged man by this point. In the other film, he was still a "I did a lot of preparation stunt co-ordinators, doing boxing and working with the swords. I in the best shape of my life thank God I did because we in the most brutal weather, snow up to our waists. Day day we were climbing mountains and riding horses. It was a lot fun but not for the faint-hearted."? Robert the Bruce is on general release from June 28.

turned out cave - I My desire is for Scots to be riled up and dare to believe angus macfadyen on his film robert the bruce


DREAM ROLE Macfadyen as Bruce

SCREEN IDOLS Angus and Sophie Marceau in Braveheart, above. Diarmaid Murtaugh as Black Douglas in new film
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jun 21, 2019
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