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Ito-Yokado to open bank branches in new stores.

TOKYO, March 9 Kyodo Ito-Yokado Co. will set up in-store bank branches in all new stores and those slated for remodeling from April, company sources said Tuesday. The first in-store banking facility -- a branch of Hiroshima Bank -- will be installed at the Fukuyama store in Hiroshima Prefecture, scheduled to open in April. Rival supermarket chains, such as Mycal Corp. and Izumiya Co., have already started installing such in-store banking facilities on an experimental basis, but Ito-Yokado is the first supermarket chain to offer such service on a full-fledged basis. Bank branches will debut at Ito-Yokado's Kasai and Hachioji stores, both in Tokyo, slated for opening by August. The Kasai store will have a Sakura Bank branch, while the Hachioji store will have an Asahi Bank branches. These branches will match the store's operating hours and will open on weekends. Automatic teller machines will be installed and there will be three to five bank personnel on call.
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Publication:Asian Economic News
Date:Mar 15, 1999
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