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L&L Kiln Mfg. Inc. is publishing a new comprehensive 32-page color catalog. This new catalog details over 44 different electric kilns with many variations and options. In addition, some of the kilns and industrial furnaces of L&L Kiln's sister company, L&L Special Furnace Co. Inc., are shown. It features all new photographs, highlighting the many innovations and new features and options available on L&L kilns. Prices are included in the catalog. A unique feature of the catalog is the many references to specific PDF flies downloadable on L&L's excellent and informative website (www. A downloadable order form takes the confusion out of ordering. Circle #351.

Fiskars introduces the No. 8 Non-Stick Scissors. These amazing scissors cut through a host of sticky materials and come out looking brand new. All you need to do is wipe off the blades with a water-damped cloth, and they're as clean as the day you got them. Don't get stuck with gooey scissors. Reach for Fiskars the next time you need to cut through sticky material. Circle #353.

Sakura of America introduces the Stardust gel pen as a new constellation in the Gelly Roll gel pen galaxy. With ink that reflects light, Stardust shimmers across the page with the smooth flow that made Sakura Gelly Roll pens famous. Stardust pens are available in twelve new colors, and are sold indivually or in blisterpack assortments of four and six pens. Blisterpacks also include a holographic sticker that can be applied to binders, notebooks, and book covers. Like the other pens in the Gelly Roll pen family, Stardust pens contain water-based, pigment gel ink, and are nontoxic. Circle #349.

Overwhelmed by what to do with the armfuls of art your child brings home from school? Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Magazine recently published Mom's Little Book of Displaying Children's Art. This is the first book with projects for moms to do with art their kids have already made. The book takes the guilt and the guesswork out of fun ideas that are easy enough for any proud parent to make. With more than 170 photos of projects and step-by-step instructions, there's something for everyone. Create invaluable keepsakes that will decorate your home through your children's college years or will make perfect, inexpensive gifts for family members, teachers, or friends. Many projects also make great items to sell at school fundraisers. Circle #357.

Crayola introduces Crayola Gel Pens. Give kids a vivid and colorful way to express themselves. Kids eight and older will enjoy the features of Crayola Gel pens including a comfort grip, smooth flowing ink, and a clip-on cap that makes it easy to attach to notebooks and backpacks. Crayola Gel pens are available in two rich, vibrant color palettes--an essential assortment including red, blue, black, gold, and silver, and a fluorescent assortment including pink, orange, yellow, green and purple. Gel pens have shown strong growth for the past several years, and the addition of this Crayola branded product should keep the trend on track. Circle #352.

Scratch-Art introduces Multicolor, a wonderful variation of a popular and classic project. A unique six-color pattern is printed beneath the top black coating, which appears as exciting multicolor lines when the topcoat is scratched away with a stick. A spectacular drawing item for any age. Circle #347.

Deja Views introduces Deja Views Tiny Scrapbook Treasure Kit Templates. Each kit includes book board and templates for creating a scrapbook cover and pages, plus cutout designs including a star, a flower, and circle shapes. Choose from two scrapbook sizes: 3 1/2 x 3 1/2" or 4 1/2 x 4 1/2". These tiny scrapbooks can be used for birthday cards, baby albums, customized postcards, or virtually any occasion. With simple step-by-step instructions included in each kit, they are a great project for the young and old alike. Have kids surprise grandma and grandpa this year with a personalized gift of a handcrafted mini scrapbook. The 3 1/2" Treasure Kit scrapbooks are even small enough to be worn as a necklace. A tiny project with huge possibilities! Circle #354.

Delight is an exciting new modeling medium introduced by Creative Paperclay. It is pure white in color and extremely soft and easy to shape or mold. This nontoxic material is super clean to work with and picks up details beautifully. Delight holds its form when shaping it, and then air hardens to create an extraordinarily lightweight and durable finished piece. Water-based paint may be kneaded into Delight very easily and without mess to make an infinite range of colors with which to work. And, of course, it can be painted with any kind of paint after it has dried. Circle #355.

P&M's Color Workshop recently launched Blopens Fun Pack. This 100+ piece kit contains 75+ stickers, 5 Blopens, 1 magic color changer, 1 secret writer, 8 sheets of paper, 8 stencils, and an instructional booklet. Blopens, it's a marker, it's an airbrush, it's 2 in 1! Circle #350.
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Date:Apr 1, 2001
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