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Italy : Interactive terrestrial tv integration.

Main Objective

ITTI will produce and evaluate a design for a UHF Terrestrial Broadcast Interactive TV system with enhanced compatibility with other systems (interactive CATV). The system will use a forward channel embedded within the DVB-T Transport Stream and a Synchronous Frequency Division Multiple Access (SFDMA) UHF return channel. The work will build on results from earlier ACTS projects, notably INTERACT, VALIDATE, and DVBIRD. A demonstration will be conducted under the conditions encountered by typical applications.

Technical Approach

ITTI will cover three related aspects of digital interactive terrestrial TV; namely, services and network architecture, applications, and digital interactive terrestrial Set Top Boxes (DIT-STB). The DVB and DAVIC requirements for interactive TV services, and the potential of the DIT-STB, will be analysed. In parallel, the interactive network architecture will be defined according to the DVB and DAVIC general model and refined for both the transmitter and subscriber/user site. Finally, radio frequency engineering studies will be conducted based on input from VALIDATE. The project will build and evaluate Java based applications, with various levels of Set Top Box intelligence, to demonstrate the system capabilities and limitations. It will start with the DIT-STB specification and architecture produced by DVBIRD and INTERACT and consider the integration and interfacing of the DVB-T receiver system with the SFDMA UHF interactive system. The project will conclude with the implementation of the ITTI demonstrator.

Summary of Trial

The demonstrator will be used for lab tests and field trials in two sites in France (Rennes and Metz) delivering interactive services over the usual terrestrial network. The design, based on the SFDMA system and the required infrastructure, will exploit the VALIDATE and INTERACT field trial facilities. Laboratory measurements of performance will follow those conducted in INTERACT, with the exception of synchronisation aspects.

country :Italy

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Feb 4, 2013
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