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Italy : Development of a Combined Synchrotron Radiation and VUV Free-Electron Laser Facility.

* Implement a free-electron laser (FEL) on the ELETTRA storage ring to produce a source of intense, highly monochromatic, tuneable, spatially coherent radiation.

* Optimise the FEL performance to enable a wide wavelength range to be covered, at least between 350 and 190 nm.

* Demonstrate that the FEL can be operated while still permitting the operation of other synchrotron radiation beamlines.

* Carry out pilot experiments with the FEL beam to demonstrate its potential use.

Expected deliverables.

* Design, construction and testing of the optical cavity unit (task A).

* Production and testing of mirrors (task B).

* Design, construction and testing of undulator and front-end (task C).

* Characterization of electron beam properties (task D).

* Theoretical prediction of FEL performance (task E).

* Commissioning of the FEL (task F).

* Execution of proof-of-principle experiments (task G).

country :Italy

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Feb 8, 2013
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