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Italian taste competition coffee products winners.

The 2008 International Coffee Tasting was held in Brescia, Italy this past October. Results of the competition have recently been announced. 130 coffee products from Italy and international markets participated in the competition organized by the International Institute of Coffee Tasters with the technical cooperation of the Centro Studi Assaggiatori (Taster Study Center).

After two days of work, 26 tasters were able to award the best coffees with the Golden Medal. They evaluated each coffee blindly using a tasting card. The cards were collected and processed by the technicians of the Centro Studi Assaggiatori.

"As far as the Italian market is concerned, the tasting sessions demonstrate an improvement in the average quality of coffee," explained Luigi Odello, secretary general of the International Institute of Coffee Tasters and professor of Sensory Analysis.

The Gold Medal winners of the 2008 International Coffee Tasting Competition are: Category: Italian espresso blends for the horeca--Caffe Agust-Agust Natura Equa--Miscela di Caffe 100% Arabica da Agricoltura Biologica--Speciale Bar; Caffe Haiti Roma di Azeglio Martella & C. Srl--Caffe Gran Riserva--Prodotto Italiano di Qualita Caffe Terzi Sas- Miscela Terzi n. 1--100% Arabica; Costadoro Spa--Master Club Coffee--100% Qualita Arabic.a; Caffe Parana di Giannelli Emilio--Espresso italiano in grani; Holly di Ulivieri Raffade--Torrefazione Caffe--Special Bar 100% Arabica; La Genovese Sas--Caffe Qualita Oro; Minuto Call% Srl--Bar Gourmet Espresso 1 Kg--100% Arabic.a; T.M. Srl dei Elli Morandini & C.--Miscela Oro 90% Arabica Certificata in grani; Torrefazione Artigianale Caffe Roen--Espresso Bendinelli "Gourmet 100% Arabica"; Torrefazione Aryscaffe--Aryscaffe Eurobar; Torrefazione Caffe Avana--Miscela Degustazione "Sublime"; Torrefazione Gran Salvador Snc--001--Oro ; Torrefazione Saturno Srl--Miscela 1 Bar Caracol; Torrefazione Taurocaf Snc--Caffe Alberto Miscela Pappagallo Oro--Espresso; Torrefazione Taurocaf Snc--Cai% Alberto Misela Pappagallo Rosso--Espresso; Tris Moka Srl--Gran Caffe Gourmet

Category: Non-Italian espresso blends for the horeca; Cafe Dromedario Sa (Spagna)--Cafe Colombiano Narifio Supremo "El Tambo" Cafe Dromedario Cafe en Grano Natural; Cafe Dromedario Sa (Spagna)--Cinco Alturas Cafes La Brasilena--La Tostadora--Cafe en Grano; Card Dromedario Sa (Spagna)--Especial Espresso Cafe Dromedario--Cafe Natural en Grano; Massimo Cerutti S.A. (Svizzera) Cerutti "Il caffe" Qualita Extra Milano; Monardo--AMeL Commercial de cafes e complementos (Brasile) Antonello Monardo Caffe Espresso Blend--Sul de Minas Gourmet--100% Arabica.

Category: Home automatic coffee machine--Caffe Mokarico Srl--Bar--Caffe torrefarto in grani.

Category: Single-dose coffee machine--Angelo Morettino Spa--Caffe Morettino "100% Arabica Espresso"--Cialda; Caffe Cagliari Spa--Cialda Gran Caffe--monodose per macchine espresso; Costadoro Spa--Cialde Costadoro--Coffee Pod; Omkafe Srl--Cialde Top Quality Omkafe.

Category: Moka coffee pot--Angelo Morettino Spa--Caffe Morettino "Arabica Club" 100% Arabica--Morbido e raffinato; Caffe Cartapani Srl--Miscela "Primeiro" 100% Arabica--macinato; Cafe Dromedario Sa (Spagna) Cafe Colombiano Narino Supremo "El Tambo" La Tostadora; Corsino Corsini Spa--Colombia Caffe Medellin Supremo--Compagnia dell'Arabica; Milani Spa--Puro Portorico Yauco Selecto--100% Arabica; Minuto Caffe Srl--Fior di Aroma Macinato 250 g--100% Arabica.

Category: Neapolitan coffee pot / Filter--Torrefazione Principe Gbr (Germania)--La Nera Espresso Casa.
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