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Tell us about the new EP? It's called Extended Play.

We wrote the majority of it in January and recorded it a month later in 7 West Studios in Glasgow with Chris Marshall. It was important to us to get some new stuff out. The EP has six tunes on it, most of them are brand new. There are some serious themes on it, such as teenage violence and disaffected youth. How important is it to have social commentary in your songs? That's very important to us. I don't think I could be in a band that sing about nothing. Most of our songs are about personal experiences we've been through. A lot of people will have been through similar things. We had a lot on our minds when we wrote it. We've been told it sounds very Glasgow, whatever that means.

It's being released on your own label, Public Records? I started a new label called Public with Conor Goldie, who used to run Dead Beet Records. As a band we've always liked being in control. We've made the majority of our own music videos, we do our own artwork, posters and t shirt designs so starting Public seemed like the next step. It's exciting. We're taking charge. We've just signed Rascalton for a single, they're one of the best bands in the UK at the moment. The Glasgow scene is at another creative peak, why does it keep punching above its weight when it comes to bands? What I've noticed about all the new bands coming through is there's no competition. No one is b****ing about each other, they've all became pals from playing the same gigs and, because of that, the local scene in Glasgow is thriving. The gigs have a great atmosphere, everyone rooting for each other. What is Club Sabbath? It's our own club night at The Priory on Sauchiehall Street once a month. It's something we've always wanted to do. We've built it up for two years. It's now up there with one of the best nights in Glasgow, it's at capacity every time and people keep coming back. We've started doing it in London too and we'll be moving onto Manchester next. Everyone is welcome.

You've built a scene, you've started a label. What's your thinking behind the DIY approach? We were so skint when we started that we had to learn how to do it all ourselves, we had no money to pay other people to help us out but I'm glad about that now. We want young bands to do the same. Put on your own gigs, be hands on with everything and go with your gut.

What's next? We want to keep touring, we're writing the second album, we want it out next year and we want to build Club Sabbath up even more. n Baby Strange play: Dundee, Beat Generator, Sept 12; Aberdeen Tunnels, Sept 13; Glasgow Garage, Sept 15; Edinburgh, Sneaky Pete's, Sept 16 - SOLD OUT; Dunfermline, PJ Molloys, Sept 17 - Free Entry. Tickets from Extended Play is out now on Public Records.


BABY FACED... Connaire McCann, Johnny Madden and Aidan McCann

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Date:Sep 10, 2017
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