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It wasn't cars that were ordered to stop; views.

THANK you for publishing the photograph on a 1914 postcard of Five Ways (Mail, April 13). This was a very interesting scene.

However, I have to comment that in the accompanying text the sign 'All Cars Stop Here' is not a direction to the driver of the motor car, otherwise where would drivers of vans and lorries know where to stop? It is, in fact, a tram stop. The clue is the tramcar at the top of Islington Row.

The fact that it is on an island in the middle of the road just shows how little traffic there was in those days.

Another indication of the lack of traffic is the man walking up the middle of Hagley Road.

The two schoolgirls seen crossing the Hagley Road at 4.25pm certainly would not have been on their way home from King Edward's Five Ways as that was a boys' school and, in any event, they are facing towards the school.

The question is asked: "Is the spire that of St Augustine's Church?" Unlikely as St Augustine's is nearly a mile away along Hagley Road.

At a guess I would say that it was Immanuel Church which was in Broad Street.

The Midland Red was set up to run motor buses but in 1907 these proved to be so unreliable that they changed over to horse buses until 1912.

The motorbus in Broad Street and the tram lines along the Hagley Road definitely confirm the date of the postcard as 1913-14.

David Grainger, Harborne
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Date:Apr 17, 2012
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