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It was the 72nd Canadian Chemical Conference.

It was the 72nd Canadian Chemical Conference

The weather in Victoria was beautiful, more than 880 papers were presented during the conference and the awards banquet was crashed by ducklings. This was the 72nd edition of the annual Canadian Chemical Conference.

The conference opened with an address from its chairman, Reg Mitchell, FCIC, who then gave ground to the first speaker, Howard Clark, FCIC, president of Dalhousie University. The former CIC President spoke on the subject of "Chemists, the Universities and Science Policy". The opening ceremonies were then followed by a mixer with most, if not all the conference attendees, present.

The awards banquet was held on Monday night (June 5) in the Faculty Club at the University of Victoria. Mitchell acted as master of cermonies and introduced the guest speaker for the evening, R.S. Alexander, president of Microtel. Several times during the evening, the banquet was interrupted by a family of ducklings looking for a free meal. They got it.

The presentations of the CIC, CSC and CSCT awards were presided over by the appropriate president: Guy Dutton, FCIC; Bill Ayer, FCIC; and/or Jack Clark, MCIC.

The following list of facts and figures were provided by Mitchell, who `massaged' them from the conference's data base. There were 1,403 people registered at the conference, 1,055 of which claimed to be Canadians and 481 of which were Institute Members. There were 87 foreign visitors and 18 retired Members registered. Student attendance was 349 and there were 53 one-day registrants. Seventy-five joined the Institute at the conference and 103 attendees were listed as accompanying persons. There were 103 invited speakers.

The Subject Divisions were invited to submit reports on the symposia they coordinated for inclusion in this article. Those received by presstime are published here. Others will be in subsequent issues of the magazine. There were two special Conference Committee Symposia at Victoria, one on aquaculture and one on forestry, which will be reported on in this article.
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Author:Hollingshead, Sandra
Publication:Canadian Chemical News
Date:Sep 1, 1989
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