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It takes men to federalize Macedonia.

Former Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisa, several days ago stressed that "The federalization of Macedonia is the only way to solve the interethnic crisis", which urged new debates. According to Valon Kurtisi from "Ilirikum Libertas", as long as the country isn't fully democratized i.e. the two ethnic communities aren't leveled, that will continue to be part of the program of political parties and will be a subject of public debates.

"The time is right because such an idea that might help solve some of the big challenges that our citizens face, such as emancipation, national and cultural affirmation and social economic growth", stressed Kurtisi. At the same time, he called upon political parties, para-political structures, small groups and gatherings from certain geographic regions.

On the other hand, historian Vebi Xhemaili said that it is shameful that some Albanians mention the federalization just to gain political points. According to him, the federalization is an ethnic demand of the Albanians for full economic, political, education and cultural equality. By applying the federalization in Macedonia, Albanians, for the first time in history, will become a constituent part of the country. Xhemaili added that together with his cooperators he raised the issue for federalization on a referendum, but it wasn't realized, because the Albanian party on power didn't take this issue very seriously. Xhemaili said that Macedonia should be separated on two parts, without elaborating on the border coordinates.

"The federalization of Macedonia should be regarded like this: Northwest Albanian Macedonia (Canton of the Albanians), Southeast (Slavic-Macedonian Canton)", explained Xhemaili.

Besim Hoda from the Association of NLA Veterans stressed that the federalization of Macedonia shouldn't be sought, but conquered.

"It is always time for the Albanians from Macedonia to stop begging and take what they deserve, what they believe is theirs, because the owner never asks for what he owns. This would be the first stage that should be clarified between the representatives of our political parties which previously functioned as groups of interest, rather than as Albanian representatives. The federalization will be based on partner agreement between the two major populations, with legal-political mechanism that will enable discrimination and outvoting of decisions", stressed Hoda.

Journalist Marin Mema said that "the federalization of Macedonia is the only method that offer Albanians something different". According to him, it is unacceptable for domestic Albanians to feel like foreigners in their own country and comments that it is time that Albanian parties from Macedonia unite. Telegrafi Macedonia.

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Date:Mar 29, 2016
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