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It take two to tow.

Using Tow Cables

Tow cables should be your first choice for towing your Bradley, unless the propeller shafts have been removed.

You need to keep the speed low when using tow cables--below 5 mph no matter the terrain.

Also, Bradleys are heavy, making it possible to snap a tow cable. So make sure all the hatches are closed and everyone is a safe distance away before you start towing.

And you'll need to make sure the disabled Bradley has a driver for steering and braking while it's being towed.

It's important that you hook up the cables correctly. Here's the right way:

1. Remove the four pins and shackles from the front of the disabled vehicle and the rear of the towing vehicle.

2. Loop one end of each tow cable through a shackle. Use the pins to connect both shackles to the towing eyes on the back of the towing vehicle.

3. Loop the opposite ends of each tow cable through the remaining two shackles. Before hooking the shackles to the front of the disabled Bradley, cross the cables into an X pattern.

That'll improve steering control and allow you to make turns without dragging the disabled Bradley.

Using a Tow Bar

Don't tow a Bradley that has a damaged transmission because that ruins the final drives. And don't tow a Bradley with damaged final drives because that ruins the transmission.

Your unit mechanic prevents that by removing the propeller shafts before towing, but that leaves the vehicle with no steering or braking.

Using a tow bar will give you back some steering and braking control. Because the bar is rigid, there's no risk of the two vehicles colliding every time you go downhill. As long as you tow at slow, steady speeds, you shouldn't have problems.

Keep the maximum speed at 15 mph, and that's for smooth, even conditions. But keep the speed at no more than 5 mph when the going gets rough. Speeds higher than 5 mph on rough terrain can bend and ruin the tow bar, and even rip the tow pintle loose from the towing vehicle.

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