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It straddles the stream, settles into the landscape.

I APPLAUD THE SIMPLE use of materials and the light that was brought into the house," said juror Simon of this winner, which bridges a seasonal stream bed on four 42-foot-long glue-laminated beams. Materials praised by Simon include cedar shingles, split-face concrete block, glass, and a metal roof on the outside; fir floors, open beams, and wood paneling inside.

The house demonstrates an attention to quality in materials and detailing without being grandiose. As Hull put it, "There is no fat, no overdone detailing, no reliance on style."

It also bespeaks a concern for the environment. The building settles into the woods and into a hillside, straddling the stream and occupying a place in a nature without imposing itself on nature. Except where the house touches down at each end, little on the lot was changed by construction.

Jones pointed out that "this project could easily have been 'blown.' It required the combined efforts of all involved, including construction workers, to bring it to a successful conclusion." The result is rustic elegance on a small scale--the house covers just 2,165 square feet.
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Title Annotation:1991-1992 Western Home Awards
Date:Oct 1, 1991
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1991-1992 Western home awards.

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