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It never gets old: server at el Tovar and, with 34 years of service, one of the hotel's longest-standing employees.

"I have a collection of Grand Canyon memorabilia that includes several hundred menus from El Tovar and Bright Angel going back to1908. The one menu item we still have: prime rib of beef au jus. I also have a crazy number of postcards from the park; letters that people wrote on the hotel's stationery, talking about their experience working here; hotel china and silverware; 180 or so Kolb Brothers photographs; and people's old snapshots. You could get them developed here at the hotel the next day, even when the hotel first opened in 1905.

"One of my favorite details is on the north porch. It's a quote: 'Dreams of mountains in their sleep, they brewed of things eternal.' It was written by a ticket agent for the Santa Fe Railroad. You can hardly see it, so you have to pay attention. Any economic slump, we're still busy. It's really amazing. I never get tired of it: During the sunrise, sunset, when the sun hits formations in the canyon, it's breathtaking. Even after all these years, I still run out with my camera. Still."

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Title Annotation:VOICES of the PARKS
Author:Ran, Thomas
Date:Mar 1, 2014
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