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It might not be a fault!

Your day is going fine and the world looks rosy when out-of-the-blue your big TQG shows an error code of 901 in the digital voltage regulator (DVR) display.

You panic because you know that code represents something nasty--a DVR Memory Failure Severe Fault! Time to get a new DVR, you think, as your perfect day comes to an end.

But wait!

It could be a mistake. It has been known to happen. Try to change and store a new parameter value in the DVR.

Follow your TM.

Did it work?


Then try this:

1. Shut off the power to the DVR and take the generator offline.

2. Press and hold all three front panel buttons--function arrow keys--at the same time.

3. While holding the buttons down, turn the power on. Hold the buttons down for a few more seconds, then release.

4. The DVR will boot up and return to the factory-installed default settings.

5. Reprogram the DVR like it says in your TM to the settings you need for your operation.

Did the 901 fault go away?

It did? Great! The world is rosy and the sky is clear again.

It didn't? It popped back up? Sorry, your day is still cloudy and you'll have to replace the DVR


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Date:Jul 1, 2010
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