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It may not be over yet.

It May Not Be Over Yet

Recent events at Acxion Corp. at Conway have not been pleasant. And while we believe it's just a matter of time before the company turns things around, we hear the clouds may get thicker before clearing.

Insiders fear additional layoffs are imminent. Seven percent of the company's work force - 115 people - was let go in early June.

Is there still fat to cut?

Probably, although analyst Dathan Gaskill of Stephens Inc. says he doesn't know about further cuts.

While the departure of President Phil Carter on June 24 was announced as a resignation, we hear he was fired.

Didn't you figure as much?

The company didn't waste any time taking Carter's name off the roster.

The annual report came in the mail recently.

No Carter.
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Title Annotation:impending layoffs at Acxiom Corp.
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Jul 29, 1991
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