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It all starts with food...

Those five words sum up the main message of PWRDF's three-year food security campaign called Fred Says, named for then President of the Board, Archbishop of Canada, Primate Fred Hiltz. Without food, people don't have good health, can't learn in school or work effectively.

Passionate about the work of PWRDF, Hiltz calls it "one of the best good news stories of the Anglican Church of Canada." So when asked to be the face of the campaign, he didn't hesitate to say yes. The goal was to move people to understand food security as being the availability of food and one's access to it, and the mission of PWRDF in ensuring that people and communities have enough good, healthy food to eat.

Through a series of ads called "Fredisms," promotional and educational resources, videos highlighting partner stories and volunteer engagement, Hiltz's message resounded with the constituency and beyond. New Fredisms were promoted every two months and linked to a PWRDF project. People donated and hosted events to raise awareness of the importance of food in the lives of every person around the world.

People were invited to learn more food security and the work of PWRDF and its partners. For those wanting to "dig deeper", PWRDF developed the Sharing Bread Learning Exchange. Partners travelled from Bangladesh, Cuba and Tanzani to meet with Canadians and learn more about food security and farming. From each course emerged a trilogy of Sharing Bread resources that has been used in many churches and communities. PWRDF's Youth Council also developed "Hunger is Not a Game," an education resource for young people.

From the first Fredism "Have you Eaten Today?" to the 5As of Food Security, Fred encouraged all of us to learn more about those whose lives were affected by a lack of good food.

The videos and other resources are still available on our website at

Caption: The Primate actively participated in PWRDF's food security campaign.

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Publication:Anglican Journal
Date:Jun 1, 2019
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