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It's sound that makes the world go round.

While we're all in awe of the technological revolution that has so completely changed our lives (for the better!), from powerful, high-speed computers to flat-screen high-definition televisions to dazzling special-effects video games to picture-taking cell phones, there's nothing that quite moves the soul like our favorite music--played on our favorite boom box, the iH31, part of the cutting-edge iHome line from SDI Technologies, Inc., Rahway, N.J.

This unit really brings your iPod to life with its four inch speakers, 10-watt power, remote control, and shuffle capabilities. Moreover, its telescopic swivel antenna pulls in FM stations with remarkable clarity, while the MP3/CD line-in with patch cord allows for multiple sources of music. Hey, given a choice, we like a choice. So, we also appreciate that this beauty runs on an AC outlet, batteries, or car adapter--and the power save switch prolongs battery life. So, should that old cliche about being stranded on a desert island come up, you know who we want our companion to be.

The iH31 ($149) and other iHome products are available at major consumer and electronics retailers. For the nearest outlet, to order online, or for more information, go to
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Title Annotation:What's New?
Publication:USA Today (Magazine)
Date:Jan 1, 2007
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