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It's a shoe-in.

Students at the St. Joseph School did a good thing in December when they filled the gymnasium of their school in Spring-ettsbury Township, Pennsylvania, to recognize the feast day of St. Nicholas. They took the opportunity to both celebrate St. Nicholas and, in homage to their beloved saint, help others in need.

St. Nicholas is the patron saint of children, sailors, innocents, and others in need. He used his entire inheritance from his parents to benefit others who are in need. A popular tale indicates that St. Nicholas also placed coins in the shoes of children.

St. Joseph students decided to place a little spin on that story and do an equally good deed. They collected 500 pairs of shoes to be given to local organizations.

"He put coins in the children's shoes, but we decided to just give them the shoes." said Beth Brennan, director of development and stewardship for the school.

Students were asked to bring in slightly worn shoes for people of all ages, ranging from babies' shoes to high heels. The idea was conceived by Susannah Gillespie, who volunteers for the enrollment and marketing committee. She asserted that she wanted to give the students an opportunity to be generous and charitable. "Just for kids to really have the sense of giving back." said Gillespie.

According to the York Daily Record "Fifteen new pairs were given to the Children's Home of York because they can only accept new shoes. The remaining pairs were donated to the Catholic Harvest Food Pantry and the Lehman Center."

Delighted by the turnout, Brennan remarked, "We always celebrate St. Nicholas, but never this way. We may have started a new tradition."

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Title Annotation:THE GOODNESS OF AMERICA; St. Joseph School in Pennsylvania celebrate the feast day of St. Nicholas by collecting shoes for local organizations
Author:Raven Clabough
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Date:Jan 23, 2012
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