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It's your fault you're fat something about it; Tough-talking life coach has some advice for people who are unhappy about their current weight...

Byline: By Lisa Adams

BRITAIN'S toughest life coach, Steve Miller,may hate fat people, but his brutally direct new book, Get Off Your Arse And Lose Weight, is flying off the shelves.

"Fat people need to get off their blubbery backsides," said Steve, 39.

"People say obesity is a complex issue. It's not. It's straightforward. I'm not a bully, I just tell it like it is.

"Stop shovelling food in, get tough and make yourself shape up through the power of your mind. I've never found a fat person who is happy with themselves."

Steve, who is 5ft 7in, knows exactly what it feels like to pile on the pounds. He felt miserable after his weight ballooned to 14st 10lb because of a couch potato lifestyle and a love of fattening takeaways.

But he dropped down to 11st 2lb thanks to healthy eating, getting active and most important of all, steely self-discipline.

"I looked like a real weeble wobble," said Steve. "I looked in the mirror and thought I looked pretty ugly. My stomach stood out so much I looked like a question mark.

"When a man's belly is so big you can't see your willy, you get a bit worried.

"I had become so greedy. There was no excuse. I stuffed my face with food and drank bottles of wine. My stomach just got bigger. I can't put it down to any genetic thing. I was just completely lazy.

"That was the last thing I wanted to happen.

I got really tough on myself. I told myself to stop acting like a silly little victim.

"The only way I lost the weight was to come up with a plan of action which worked. At the heart of it was giving myself a real kick up the backside. I look and feel sexier now.

You can too."

So here, if you're brave enough, are Steve's top 10 no-nonsense tips to getting the body you really want.

1 Stop making excuses for being fat The world of therapy is poison because it's making excuses for people.

It's showing too much empathy with people for being fat. There are a minority of people who have very deep psychological problems or a genetic reason for being fat, but 90 per cent of people are fat because they are lazy.

Take responsibility for being fat and do something about it, not tomorrow, today.

2 Burn your diet book and ban all diet clubs Diets are a complete waste of time. They're arip-off. People get so wrapped up on all these diets, but what's really lacking is agood kick up the arse and a healthy, balanced diet.

Instead you need to eat more fruit and vegetables. Weight loss goodies to stock up on include eggs, bananas, broccoli, couscous, lean chicken, cottage cheese, lean steak, salmon, skimmed milk, whole grain pasta and tomatoes.

You must eat regular meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Satisfy cravings with healthy alternatives to high-fat, high-sugar processed snacks like carrot sticks, fruit and nuts.

3 Clean out your cupboards Remove the troublemakers - crisps, chocolate, biscuits and ready meals.

Take them to the bin and literally smash them into it. Beware of the other baddies, that includes chips, full-fat cheese, fizzy drinks, ice cream, pastries, butter, onion bhajis, pizza, sausage rolls and beef burgers.

Take time to explain to your kids why empty calories in food like this end up becoming a chain that drags you down.

Grill, don't fry food. Forget about the two for one offers on processed food in supermarkets. Isn't it nice of the supermarkets to help clog up your arteries with fatty foods?

4 Booze bust Alcohol is as calorific as liquid cream cakes and too much makes men fart more, snore and suffer penile dysfunction. Women who drink too much look cheap and may as well have a For Sale sign on their back.

Make sure you don't drink every day. Have dry nights for four out of seven. Instead drink water to keep your body hydrated and help it burn calories. Drink a pint of water before eating and you'll eat less.

5 Get your arse off that sofa Say to yourself, "hey you big fat lump, get off the sofa and do something".

Exercise doesn't mean feeling the burn or doing high impact exercises that can damage your joints.

Try power walking in the park for an hour aday. It's the best form of exercise you can do. Don't kid yourself that you don't have time. There is always time, no matter how busy you are. Make it a priority.

It makes you healthier and will, in all probability, extend your life. You will be around longer for your partner, children, friends and family. That has to be the greatest incentive there is to get moving.

Take the stairs rather than the lift. Get off the bus a stop or two early and walk the rest of the way home.

6 Hate fat people Feel disgusted by fat people around you. Make a conscious effort to observe fat people. Notice how they often eat more than others. Don't be sympathetic about it.

If their seemingly never-ending hunger is not related to a medical condition, they should stop feeding their fat.

It's okay to be fat, but remember, it's the slim and healthy people who pay for your treatment when your health fails. Why should we pay for your lack of self-control?

Instead set realistic goals for your own weight loss and, for a good incentive, put a picture of your ideal body shape in your kitchen and look at it when you feel lacking in willpower. Picture yourself as you really want to be.

7 Take it away for good Rip up all your takeaway menus.

That junk food should be delivered straight into the bin.

Every time you're tempted to buy a takeaway, put the money you would have spent in a tin.

Pretty soon you will be able to buy some fab new clothes - in a smaller size. Walk tall past the takeaways. Imagine the server's dirty fingernails, see the fatties in the queue. Start to associate the over-used cooking smell with the smell of vomit and you will break the habit.

8 Leave food on your plate You will soon enjoy the feeling of achievement this gives you. Choose smaller plates. Forget about eating everything because there are people starving in the world. You eating everything isn't going to help feed them. If you're worried about poverty, donate to a charity.

9 Slow down Eat slowly and be proud to admit it when you are full. Chewing your food slowly is a natural way to eat less because your stomach will get around to telling your brain it's full more quickly.

Compare this to when you are wolfing down packets of biscuits or a takeaway. You want more and don't feel your hunger is satisfied. Then suddenly after you've gorged yourself, you feel stuffed and hate yourself for eating so much.

Clean your teeth after each meal. This gives a signal to your brain that you've eaten enough by cleaning your taste buds.

10 Forget comfort eating If you are an emotional eater it's time to get agrip. If your problems are the result of a bereavement, divorce or depression, then visit your GP for support.

If you're simply moping about not getting that job you applied for, then get over it.

One of the physical causes of emotional eating is an increased level of cortisol, the stress hormone which can create cravings for food.

It may also be caused by childhood conditioning. Parents often provide children with sweets to make up for difficult experiences.

Some of us grow up associating these foods with feeling better when faced with stress. Recognise this behaviour and then let go of it. Learn to let go of stress through relaxation and exercise instead.

Get off your Arse and Lose Weight by Steve Miller costs pounds 7.99 and is published by Headline.

'Get off the bus a stop or two early and walk the rest of the way'


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