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It's your choice.

Test your chemistry IQ! Answer the following questions about elements and the periodic table.

1. Name that element!


2. A compound is volatile if it

A can easily break apart.

B turns easily into a gas when heated.

C combines easily with other elements.

D is highly explosive.

3. Which of the following elements is not a metal?

A Sodium (Na)

B Zinc (Zn)

C Germanium (Ge)

D Nitrogen (N)

4. Other than those found in group 18, most nonmetals form compounds easily. These elements are

A volatile.

B gaseous.

C reactive.

D reactionary.

5. Which of the following is not found in group 17?

A Fluorine (F)

B Iodine (I)

C Bromine (Br)

D Krypton (Kr)

6. Which of the following is the only nonmetal that is a liquid at room temperature?

A Bromine (Br)

B Tellurium (Te)

C Nitrogen (N)

D Boron (B)

1. chlorine 2. b 3. d 4. e 5. d 6. a

STINKER: In its pure form, this element is smelly and highly toxic. It was even used as a weapon during World War I.

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