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It's your choice: test your chemistry IQ! Answer the following questions about elements and the periodic table.

1. Name that element!

2. Which of the following is a nonmetal?

A Astatine (At)

B Barium (Ba)

C Samarium (Sm)

D Vanadium (V)

3. Platinum (Pt) belongs to group --.

A 2

B 6

C 10

D 18

4. Which of the following elements does not belong to the same period as the others?

A Cobalt (Co)

B Germanium (Ge)

C Krypton (Kr)

D Tellurium (Te)

5. The atomic mass of indium (In) is --.

A 3A

B 13

C 49

D 114.82

6. Which of the following is a liquid metal?

A Bromine (Br)

B Cesium (Cs)

C Plutonium (Pu)

D Mercury (Hg)
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Publication:Science World
Date:May 7, 2007
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