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It's time to take action to limit corporate greed.

Byline: Andrew Melvin

SO, there I was incandescent with rage, washing the dishes and listening to a Monteverdi madrigal on the radio.

This, you may be assured, is not my customary practice.

Dish-washing is a tiresome endeavour which I try to avoid, and I have neither the musical education nor the spiritual depth to fully appreciate the beauty of Monteverdi.

But it has been while washing the dishes that Dr Karl Kennedy and his former wife, Susan, have discussed and solved many of the problems that have beset them in the BBC's soap opera Neighbours.

Alas, this often poignant saga of the myriad trials and tribulations of the ordinary Australian bloke and "Sheila" will not be on the BBC for much longer.

Corporate greed by our Australian cousins has forced the Beeb to axe the programme after some 22 years.

Understandably, many are incandescent with rage. Neighbours has become a national institution on the BBC, much like Test Match cricket used to be.

Far too many of the core values of our society are being sacrificed on the twin altars of corporate greed and unbridled competition.

It is time to rage, rage incandescently against the dying of the light of decency and fair play in this country.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 26, 2007
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