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It's the year to wake up and smell the coffee and stop getting into hot water; Cat Harvey ON TRYING NEW THINGS IN 2019 AND ACHIEVING THE PERFECT BATH TEMPERATURE.

Byline: Cat Harvey

Six days into 2019 and I've not broken a single New Year's Resolution. This must be my best attempt ever. Granted I only made three but why add pressure to yourself in an already complicated world? My 2019 resolutions are:

1. See my wee Dad as often as I can.

2. Don't text people after three or more glasses of fizz.

3. A Cadbury's Freddo a day is good for my mental health.

I speak to my Dad every single day and I know how much he enjoys our banter. He's my best pal too so this is an easy one to keep. He's 84 next month and keeps me young with his behaviour.

After a festive period of way too many nights of debauchery I will say it again. The first person to invent an app preventing texting when under the influence will be a billionaire. None of my messages were overtly dodgy but I've had to apologise to way too many people for Cat vey Har on tryin things wanting to WhatsApp my hilarious (in my head) 4am chat with them.

This is also a year for trying new things. I've written my first play, Love me Tinder, and I want to do another charity challenge. Not sure what or where yet.

Here are the things I learned to like for the first time in 2018 - sparkling water, salt and having baths. The three are unrelated.

I don't drink fizzy juice so my water consumption has always been high. I've gone from tap to still, back to tap when I realised it's absolutely fine and now on to sparkling as I like the way it scratches my throat.

My first bottle was in a hotel room in March when I woke up with a drooth and it was the only thing present. I've previously always hated sparkling water but this one was nice. From that moment on, I'm all about the bubbles. Maybe psychologically I think it's healthy Prosecco.

Last year was also the first time I started putting salt on food. I'd never previously cooked with it either. Perhaps a reason why my friends always suggest takeaway when invited to dinner.

According to Google, my font of most knowledge, your sense of taste and smell change as you get older. Between 40-50 (guilty) the number of tastebuds decreases, and the rest shrink - or atrophy if you passed Science - and don't function so well. This may also account for my need to smother everything in salad cream or sweet chilli sauce.

My third new like was taking a bath. Previously I've been far too hyper to lie in warm water doing nothing. I used to get so bored after five minutes I'd get out. Last year I had a lot of stress in my life. I read books on it. They all said walk lots, chat to pals and have a bath (not with your pals). I gave it another go and I finally understand. My bath must be full of lavender Radox bubbles, I need one scented candle on, classical music (aye, I'm classier than you think) and just sit and think.

One of my aims in 2019 is to master the art of running it to the correct temperature. I spend 10 minutes getting in while trying to adjust to the prickly feel of the water, which is too hot and stings my legs and bahooky.

This year I might try to like coffee. It seems like a grown-up thing to try and I am growing to like the smell.

Maybe I think Prosecco.

I'm also going to walk more, laugh more and be nicer to myself and more generous to others. But don't even think about asking for one of my Freddos. As you can see, I'm a work in progress.

I've previously always hated sparkling water but this one was nice. From that moment on, I'm all about the bubbles. Maybe psychologically I think it's healthy Prosecco. ''
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Date:Jan 6, 2019
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