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It's the wall, not the film!

Isn't it ironic that the Israeli wall supposedly built for security and financed by U.S. money is not built on Israeli land but on Palestinian land of the West Bank? A further irony is that the Americans, who complained so bitterly about the Berlin Wall, symbol of slavery and division, are now deathly silent about an Israeli wall that does the same thing; steals some 10 percent of the West Bank and divides Palestinians into 16 ghettos where they are separated and cannot move without Israeli permission. In addition, the settlers who .initially took over Palestinian land have almost complete control of the water on the West Bank with the Palestinians having virtually no water to live on. Such a wall is not only illegal; it is a pretext for international theft that the United States does not want to notice but which the international community knows too well. It is the latest maneuver by the Israelis to make life for the Palestinians so difficult that they will either acquiesce in de facto Israeli annexation or they will begin to move on to Jordan and elsewhere in the Arab world, making the Israeli annexation of the territories all the easier over time.

And the Jewish community in this country fills us with the hogwash that Mel Gibson's film "The Passion of the Christ" will cause anti-Semitism! Not so. It's the wall, stupid! It fools no one concerning Israeli duplicity and pretext. That is the cause of anti-Semitism.


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Title Annotation:Letters
Author:Riga, Peter
Publication:National Catholic Reporter
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Apr 23, 2004
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