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It's taxonomy time. (News).

Stratify ( has introduced the first two of what it says will be a suite of integration adapters that bring full taxonomy and categorization capabilities to portal environments: the Stratify Portal Adapter for BEA and the Stratify Portal Adapter for Plumtree.

The Stratify Discovery System's Web services APIs provide direct access to enterprisewide taxonomies that are automatically generated and managed by the Discovery System. BEA and Plumtree portal users can now directly search and navigate through millions of documents that are organized by Stratify's multiple classifier architecture.

The Stratify Portal Adapter suite is based on Stratify's integration architecture, which is an open set of Web services (SOAP, WSDL) and Java APIs that enable application developers to easily integrate enterprise applications with the Stratify Discovery System. Stratify says its APIs provide a bidirectional interface between applications and the Discovery System. Application-managed content now can be crawled and categorized. In return, says the company, the Discovery System makes enterprisewide taxonomy and classification information available to users, either through a direct interface, such as the Stratify Portal Adapters, or integrated directly within application workflow. Developers can also leverage Stratify's taxonomy management capabilities.

Stratify says that when combined with the Discovery System, the Portal Adapters provide complete taxonomy and categorization capabilities to portal environments, including:

* advanced categorization,

* scalable categorization infrastructure,

* comprehensive management tools, and

* reported seamless integration.

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Date:Sep 1, 2002
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