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It's so Catholic. (Letters).

* Fr. Richard McBrien's commentary (NCR, Jan. 11) on the two "fundamentalist" Protestant women was so -- what's the word I'm looking for? -- Catholic! How presumptuous for these two "misguided souls" to take a direct approach on spreading the gospel and verbally sharing their faith with those unfortunate Afghans. They should I suppose take the "indirect" route the good priest recommends. Do good works and let your light shine that way. No doubt, as he does in the inhospitable terrain of the classroom in South Bend, Ind. Did he take the time to inquire about the human relief activities these women were involved in? Was he there as they performed their "fundamentalist" thing? Does he have such a discerning insight that he can rush to the judgment seat to pronounce such a harsh sentence on these sisters in Christ? Why, of course he does! He's a priest in the "one true church" as well as a theological teacher at God's favorite university. Lord, forgive my sarcasm! It's just that Fr. McBrien brought me back to my formative years as a young boy growing up in the Catholic ghetto atmosphere of Belfast, Ireland. The tone of his comments is, I declare, a more subtle bent, but the message is clear: We Catholics have the first and the only legitimate franchise on Christian truth and know precisely where these Johnny-come-lately Protestant upstarts go wrong.
San Antonio
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Author:Kerr, Terry
Publication:National Catholic Reporter
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Jan 25, 2002
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