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It's simple: why bedroom tax is unfair; DAILY POST OUR VIEW.

THE answer to the dilemma of "bedroom tax" is simple if you listen to the Conservative in charge of the controversial plan which will hit thousands in North Wales.

Either get a job, or move to a smaller house and get a sofa bed.

That's his message to those in council accommodation who will soon face a housing benefit cut if they have bedrooms they don't use... or else be forced into downgrading to smaller homes.

Despite the ignorance of the above comments, we don't think Lord Freud was joking.

Let's look at some things that are currently lacking in North Wales.

The first is jobs.

We're struggling more than other areas in this recession due to our reliance on the public sector, which is the subject of swingeing cuts.

Every day this newspaper reports on job losses hitting the private sector.

It's too simplistic to simply say "work harder."

The second is shortages of accommodation.

A few weeks ago we did a housing supplement which explored some of the problems affecting the market in this region.

Top of the lists was the sheer numbers of the homes that needed to be built.

Followed closely by the large number of stock which is unused, further adding to the shortages.

So, Lord Freud, it's not as easy as simply moving to a smaller house or flat.

Good news though... we appear to have sofa beds in stock in North Wales.

The Tories have been criticised in recent times for being out-of-touch with the majority of workers.

These comments will do little to sway that notion.
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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
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Date:May 15, 2013
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