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It's rendezvous time! Here are the dates and locations of the biggest buckskinner gatherings this summer!

As summer approaches, it's time to start packin' up the camping gear, check out your tepee lodge poles, and sight in your smokepole for those upcoming shooting matches. It'll soon be time to "head fer the hills" where you'll once again share a primitive camp with fellow buckskinners, enjoy cool mountain breezes, tell your share of campfire "tall tales" and relive all the other pleasant experiences that accompany a black powder rendezvous. Some shinin' times have been had at these muzzle-loading gatherings and there are lots more good times to come.

In spite of the high cost of gasoline, food and the cost of living in general, the muzzle-loaders' rendezvous are still well-attended affairs. Each summer there are a host of these camp-outs held all over the U.S. Of course, there are far too many to mention them all in this column but a rundown on the larger, national rendezvous are in order. Perhaps you'll find one in this listing that will fit into your summertime planes.

First on the calender, the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association (NMLRA) is holding their Midwestern Rendezvous at Brainerd, Minnesota, from June 16th through the 24th. The rendezvous site will be in the snake River State Forest in east central Minnesota, about 18 miles north of the town of Mora. For further details write to Booshway Bryan McDuffie, 1414 E. 1st St., Duluth, MN 55805.

The NMLRA High Plains Rendezvous will be held June 24th through July 1st in eastern South Dakota. The exact location of this gathering is at Oakwood Lake State Park, which is about 15 miles northwest of Brookings, South Dakota. For a brochure and information on this rendezvous write to Booshway Dave Huebner, Rt. 2, Box 29, Bushnell, SD 57276.

The NMLRA-NAPR (National Association of Primitive Riflemen) will hold their joint rendezvous in western Colorado this year. It is scheduled to take place July 9th through the 20th. Exact location of the rendezvous site has not been established as of this writing, so interested buckskinners should contact Booshway Joe de la Ronde, P.O. Box 162, Iroquois, SD 57353.

Friendship, Indiana, the NMLRA's national headquarters site, will again be the scene of their National Match (Fall National Shoot) from August 11th through the 19th. Besides formal target competition, there is a rendezvous site that is always filled to capacity. For information on this event write to the NMLRA at P.O. Box 67, Friendship, IN 47021.

T last of this season's big rendezous will be held at Schroon Lake, in northeastern New York, September 8th through the 16th. It is the MNLRA's Eastern Rendezvous and it will take place about 20 miles southwest of historic Fort Ticonderoga (I'm told there's a dandy museum at the old fort). Booshway Jubal Early is the man to contact for full details on this gathering. Write to him at Woodcock Mountain Road, Washington-ville, NY 10992.

As mentioned earlier in this column, space permits only the listing of the larger, national rendezvous. However, I hope you'll be able to gather your guns and gear, and strike out for one or more of these, or maybe you can head for a smaller rendezvous in your own territory. Whichever way you head, you'll renew old acquaintances, make new friends, do some serious swappin' and burn lots of black powder, and that's the stuff that memories are made of. I hope our paths cross somewhere this summer. DIXIE'S NEW CATALOG

Dixie Gun Works, probably the world's largest supplier to black powder shooters, has recently published their latest catalog, No. 133, featuring actor Patrick Wayne, son of the late John Wayne, on the cover. This 8-1/2-x 11-inch format, 560-page catalog is full of interesting and useful items for muzzle-loaders, living history enthusiasts and old guncranks (as Elmer Keith likes to call us). This latest edition has several new items that Dixie Gun Works has added to their huge inventory during the past year. An added plus for living history buffs is that this year, items pertanining to the Revolutionary War and the Civil War have been put in individual sections. This will make it much easier for those of you with those eras of interest to find what you are looking for. This volume contains a vast array of shooting supplies, reproduction firearms, gun kits, antique and replica gun parts, gunsmithing supplies, knives, swords and tomahawks, Pioneer Press' complete gun book library and more. There is even a section devoted to "Primitive Plunder."

Incidentally, in keeping with Dixie's tradition of offering the latest products of interest in the muzzle-loading field, they now offer a small selection of movies and video tapes for rental on such subjects as "Building a Hawken Rifle," "Blackpowder Gun Safety" and more. As you can see, Dixie Gun Works is into about every imaginable aspect of our black powder sport. If this review has gotten your interest up, don't waste time, send them $3 for their catalog. If you live outside the U.S.A., send $4 to cover the extra cost of shipping. Once you get your copy you'll see why it is often referred to as the " black Powder Bible." SAF-T-CASE

As Black Power Editor for Guns & Ammo magazine, I do a fair amount of traveling. Most of my trips entail the transportation of firearms, usually for the purpose of attending a rendezvous, going hunting, or taking part in some other shooting activity. For the past couple of years I've been using what I have come to consider the finest gun traveling case on the market. It is the Saf-T-Case, and is as ruggedly built as any I've seen. In fact, I feel this container is superior to any rifle case I've ever used. It is fabricated in such a way that the body and lid portions are each made from a single piece of lightweight, but durable aircraft aluminium. These two sections are connected by a full-length piano hinge and the corners are heliarc welded to ensure maximum protection. Inside, there is a thick foam lining which conforms to the contents, thus keeping small items from moving around during shipment. There are also a set of leather tie-down strings for the rifle in the case's interior. Outside, there are four hasp-type fasteners, two of which lock with Presto combination locks (supplied with each case). Externally, the case has been given a grain finish to disguise any mars it's bound to pick up in transportation.

The case I've been traveling with is their single rifle size which measures 50 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 4 inches deep. It will handle most of my muzzle-loaders and cartridge rifles. Custom cases for longer arms can be made; however the Saf-T-Case folks advise that you get in touch with them for price quotes.

A double gun case is also available. Its measurements are the same as the single case except that it is 13-3/4 inches wide. Also, shotgun, camera and handgun sizes can be obtained. As I mentioned earlier, these cases are durable but lightweight. The double rifle case weighs just 17 pounds. Saf-T-Case also claims that their cases are water resistant and will float. I can't testify to their floatability, and frankly, I hope I don't get into a situation where I'll find out, but I can say that they are water resistant. On several occasions, I have had no choice but to expose these cases--with my valuable hunting rifles and accessories inside--to snow and rain, and at the conclusion of my journeys have always found my guns snug and dry.

Quality doesn't come cheap, but if you value your firearms, the extra protection afforded by a sturdy, first-class gun case over a mediocre container is well worth the added cost. Saf-T-Case prices start at $169.95. Their Single Rifle size retails for $209.95 and their Double Rifle case sells for $219.95. They also offer a Deluxe model for $269.95. This features four detachable wheels and two-inch nylon belts which allow you to load your luggage onto the Saf-T-Case and pull everything along behind. If you already have a Saf-T-Case gun case, but wish to add the wheel set, an easily installed kit is available for $49.95.

Traveling can certainly be an adventure, but when you have to travel with your favorite firearms, that adventure can be turned into a real nightmare if your guns become damaged. I decided some time ago that I wanted the best protection possible for my guns, and with the Saf-T-Case aluminum case, I feel that I've got it.

For more information on Saf-T-Case products write to them at this address: Saf-T-Case, P.O. Box 5472, Irving, TX 75062. Be sure to tell them that Phil sent 'ya! MILITARY COLLECTIBLES

If you are a collector as well as shooter, as many of us are, Hayes Otoupalik offers a service that is sure to be of interest to you. Hayes is an antique militaria collector/dealer. He publishes a catalog on a quarterly basis that is full of fascinating items of military memorabilia. While Hayes' listings are mostly comprised of American collectibles, there is an ample selection of British European relics to whet the appetite of collectors who specialize in those areas.

His catalogs are not just small listings either. For example, Hayes' latest catalog as of this writing (catalog No. 26) contains 1,002 selections of exciting and hard-to-find original mementos within its 54 pages. He also lists a good amount of western civilian artifacts and some miscellaneous general interest items too.

He offers such unique and colorful items as Gatling gun tin stripper clips for .45-70 Govt. cartridges, Indian Wars era U.S. Army kepis, pre-1887 issue "Lemon yellow" cavalry dress helmet horsehair plumes, Civil War cartridge boxes, an 1864-dated Dahlgren Bowie Bayonet with original scabbard, original black powder firearms, swords, knives and much more. Honestly, you'll find Hayes Otoupalik's catalog to be fascinating reading. I'd be willing to bet my old cavalry Colt that you'll find something of interest in its pages. Rather than take my word for it, why don't you contact Hayes yourself? You can get on his mailing list for $6 per year or $1.50 per issue, by writing him at the following address: Hayes Otoupalik, Route 2 Evaro Road, Missoula, Mt 59802. I've known Hayes personally for many years, and have dealt with him on numerous occasions, and have always been satisfied with his dealings. Hayes is a fellow collector and historian and will stand behind his offerings. He allows a three-day inspection privilege on all material and offers layaway, Visa or Mastercharge services. If this sounds tantalizing to you, drop him a line or phone him at (406) 549-4817. Hayes Otoupalik can help you build or fill out your collection with some mighty fine collectibles. PATCH PROTECTOR

Here's a handy item from Don's Custom Manufacturing, P.O. Box 591, 120 Central St., Medina, TN 38355, that should appeal to muzzle-loading riflemen. It is a patch protector which retails for just $6.50, and it's really a simple, yet practical device. The sample sent to me is of brass, but the patch protector is also available in steel or nickel silver. To use it, simply unscrew the end of this cylindrical container, insert a roll of patching material onto the spindle inside, and replace the cap. As you are shooting, just pull out enough material for your desired patch, cut it off, then return the cylinder to your shooting bag, on the bench or wherever you are storing your shooting accessories. As its name implies, it will protect your patch material from the elements. It is small enough to fit comfortably in your possibles bag without taking up much room, and it would be an ideal addition to any shooting box. If you shoot patched ball rifles or pistols, this patch protector could be of value to you. MOUNTAIN STATE'S CATALOG

Mountain State Muzzleloading Supplies, Inc. Recently sent me their latest catalog, and it is a big one. There are 116 pages full of shooting accessories , gun parts, historical clothing patterns, gun kits, black powder replica firearms, knives and knife kits, books, lanterns, tin ware, and much more. The 8-1/2-x 11-inch volume is priced at $3.50, however, each copy comes with a certificate good for a full refund with the first $25 order the customer places. Now that's a good deal, isn't it? Incidentally, all of the items contained in this edition are listed in alphabetical order for easy reference, sort of like using a phone book or a dictionary. There is a full index in the rear of the catalog. For a copy of Mountain State's Catalog No. 7, drop them a line at: Box 154-1, Williamstown, WV 26187. SHOOT A MUZZLE-LOADER

As a public service, we are reprinting this letter from the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association:

"Through the auspices of The Brookville Gun Shoppe, Brookville, Pennsylvania, who designed it, a muzzleloading shooting safety poster is now available from NMLRA.

"The poster is fully illustrated with the steps in loading and firing a muzzleloading rifle. Each step is also explained, fully, but without confusing detail. The posters are printed on the back with the Ten Commandments of Muzzleloading, which are the basis of all muzzleloading shooting sports.

"How to Shoot A Muzzleloader is available from NMLRA, free, to clubs, muzzleloading gun shops, schools, hunter safety classes, etc.

"Write to: National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association, P.O. Box 67, Friendship, IN 47021. (812) 667-5131." ERRATUM

In the January 1984 issue, I reported in this column that the book, California Bit And Spur, has a tooled leatherette cover. This was in error. It should have read that it has a tooled genuine leather cover. Also, since that time, the publisher of this excellent book has changed his address. Anyone interested in further information on this beautiful collector's edition, which retails for $300 per copy (plus $3.50 shipping and insurance), can write to J. Ralph Bell, 1501 Westcliff Drive, Suite 214, Newport Beach, CA 92660.
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